Psychology Exam Final

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  1. What is Medical students' disease?
    It is a condition frequently reported in medical students' who perceive themselves or others to be experiencing the the symptoms of the diseases they are studying.
  2. What's psychopathology (mental disorders)?
    The pattern of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that result in personal stress or significant impairment.
  3. What is the Three (flawed) criteria for abnormality?
    • Statistical infrequency -Behaviors that occur infrequently in the population
    • Norm Violation-Violating cultural or social rules
    • Personal suffering
  4. What is Impaired Functioning (Practical Approach for Defining Abnormality) and what is considered?
    • Difficulty in fulfilling appropriate and expected roles.
    • Content of behavior, sociocultural context, consequences of behavior.
  5. Types of models.
    Supernatural model, Biopsychosocial model, Diathesis-stress model
  6. Biopsychosocial Model consists of what Factors:
    • Mental disorders are seen as caused by the combination and interaction of:
    • Biological Factors
    • Psychological Factors
    • Sociocultural Factors
  7. The Biopsychosocial Model starts with Neurobiological model consists of:
    biology/genetics- disturbances in your anatomy and chemistry can lead to disorder dementia has a biological root so does schizophrenia, bipolar disorders, autism
  8. The Biopsychosocial Model starts with Psychological model consists of:
    wants, needs, emotions, learning experiences, perspectives on the world.
  9. Sociocultural model consists of:
    family structure, societal stress/change, racism, class school/ religion
  10. Psychological disorders are explained through diathesis:
    • a predisposition to develop a disorder
    • - Genetics, biology, and/or early learning.
    • Through Diathesis-Stress Model:
    • Actual appearance of the disorder depends on what stressors are encountered
  11. How do you classify psychological disorders
    DSM, ICD, Biopsychosocial model
  12. What are the axes for classification?
    • Axis I focus of Ch.(Major mental disorders[reason why person is seeking help];Academic problems/relationship problems
    • Axis II as well focused(Personality disorders and mental retardation)
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