Chem133 Chapter19

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  1. What are most buffers made of?
    Conjugate acids and bases
  2. Why do buffers use conjugate pairs?
    Le Chatelier's principle
  3. Find the pH of any acid base pair
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  4. Define equivalence point.
    • Moles of added OH- equals original moles of H+
    • pH of 7
  5. Define endpoint
    When the indicator changes colors.
  6. Define the Qsp of an ionic solute.
    • since the [MpXq] is constant (because it's a solid) you can multiply the Qc by [solid] to get the Qsp
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    • At equilibrium Qsp=Ksp
  7. What does Ksp tell us?
    The higher the Ksp the more soluble the substance
  8. What is a complex ion?
    A central metal ion covalently bonded to two or more anions or molecules.
  9. What is a ligand?
    The anions or molecules bonded to the central metal ion of a complex ion.
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