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  1. What is positive for mono by Davidsohn differential
    • Sheep    = P
    • G.Pig     = P
    • BE Cow  = N
  2. What is positive for Fossman by Davidsohn differential
    • Sheep    = P
    • G.Pig     = N
    • BE Cow  = P
  3. What is positive for Serum Sickness by Davidsohn differential
    • Sheep    = P
    • G.Pig     = N
    • BE Cow  = N
  4. Does Serum sickness or Forssman Ab's react with mono ab's?
    NO - They do not react with mono Ab's
  5. What is serum sickness?
    It is a passive type III hypersensitivity reaction due to ie. vaccine (antitoxin)
  6. Explain the new test immunochromagraphic Assay
    Detects heterophile Ab 

    bovine antigen RBC's bind to mono ab's. then with multiple binding sites from IgM mono Ab's, they cause a sandwhich assay
  7. What is TORCH
    • Infant screening test:
    • Toxoplasmosis
    • other inf.
    • rubella
    • CMV
    • HSV
  8. What lab tests are used for ident of CMV
    • Viral PCR or Viral Cultures
    • Tests for IgM or IgG to CMV

    • >IgM = Current or re-exposure
    • 4 fold rise in IgG = Current infection
    • Low affinity IgG indicates acute infection
  9. Rubella Disease and diagnosis
    Part of togaviridae family

    Rash (usually young children)

    • EIA: IgM or 4 fold rise in IgG
    • Cutoff of 15IU/ml indicated immunity

    Live Vaccine
  10. Rubeola (Measles)

    Family/Disease/Lab Tests
    Paramyxoviridae family

    MMR vaccine available

    Spread by aerosol

    Dx: Characterisitic Rash, EIA for Ab's, PCR
  11. Mumps

    Family/Disease/Lab test
    Paramyxovirus Family

    Direct contact with secretions

    • Viral Cx
    • RT-PCR to detect TNA in virus
  12. West Nile Virus

  13. Influenza

    Family/ What happens during infection

    • During inf:
    • *Hemagglutinin: Binds to surface sialic acid
    • (H1,H2,&H3 subtypes)

    *Neuraminidase: Cleaves sialic acid for virus exit from cell (N1 & N2 subtypes)
  14. Changes in Influenza are due to what?
    • Antigenic Drift:
    • *Mutations in the genome of the virus and other minor changes

    • Antigenic Shit:
    • * Reassortment in doubly infected cell in which a virion is packed with a segment of RNA from a different virus, creating a new virus.
  15. Lab test for Influenza
    Rapid - Detects Influenza antigen
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