Chapter 7 Concept Generation

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  1. What does concept generation begin with?
    Customer needs and target specifications
  2. What is the result of concept generation?
    A set of product concepts
  3. What is a concept?
    A sketch/rough 3-D model and textual description
  4. What are the five steps to concept generation?
    • Clarify the problem
    • Search externally
    • Search internally
    • Explore systematically
    • Reflect on the solutions and the process
  5. What is problem decomposition
    The breaking down of a problem into subproblems
  6. In a black box, what do thin black arrows represent?
    Transfer and conversion of energy
  7. In a black box, what do thick black arrows represent?
    movement of material
  8. In a black box, what do dotted arrows represent?
    Flows of control and feedback systems
  9. Product users who experience needs months/years before the majority of the market are called ___.
    Lead users
  10. What are the five ways to search externally?
    • Interview lead users
    • Consult experts
    • Search patents
    • Search published literature
    • Benchmark related products
  11. Experts include ___.
    Professionals, professional consultants, university faculty, and technical representatives of suppliers
  12. Patents are generally protected for approximately how many years?
  13. What is benchmarking?
    The study of existing products with functionality similar to that of the developing product
  14. What are the six hints for generating solution concepts?
    • Make analogies
    • Wish and wonder
    • Use related stimuli
    • Use unrelated stimuli
    • Set quantitative goals
    • Use the gallery method
  15. What are fragments?
    Solutions to subproblems
  16. What does a concept classification tree do?
    Divide solutions into categories
  17. What does the concept combination table do?
    Guide the team in combining fragments
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