CNA - Chapter 7

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  1. development
    changes in mental, emotional, and social function
  2. development task 
    a skill that might be completed during a stage of development
  3. geriatrics
    the care of aging people
  4. gerontology
    the study of the aging process
  5. growth
    the physical changes that are measured and that occur in a steady, orderly manner
  6. menopause
    the time when menstruation stops and menstrual cycles end
  7. old
    persons between 75 and 84 years of age
  8. old-old
    persons 85 years of age and older
  9. the physical, emotional, social, cultural, and spiritual factors that affect a person's feelings and attitudes about his or her sex
  10. young-old
    persons between 65 and 74 years of age
  11. dyspnea
    difficult, labored, or painful breathing may occur with activity
  12. dysphagia
    difficulty swallowing
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Care of the older person
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