Chapter 9 Concept Testing

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Chapter 9 Concept Testing
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ME 2024 Final Chapter Concept Testing

Concept Testing
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  1. What is the difference between concept selection and concept testing?
    Concept testing is based on data gathered directly from potential customers
  2. Concept testing is closely related to ___.
  3. The first few questions of a survey that verifies that the respondent fits the definition of the target market for the product are called ___.
    Screener questions
  4. List the five common customer survey formats
    • Face-to-face interaction
    • Telephone
    • Postal mail
    • Electronic mail
    • Internet
  5. What is a storyboard?
    A series of images that communicate a temporal sequence of actions involving the product
  6. Which way of communicating a concept has more dynamism than the storyboard?
  7. Physical appearance models are also known as ___.
    "Looks-like" models
  8. Working prototypes are also known as ___.
    "works-like" models
  9. What is the primary risk of working prototypes?
    Respondents will equate the prototype with the finished product
  10. What are the steps in the concept testing process?
    • Define the purpose of the concept test
    • Choose a survey population
    • Choose a survey format
    • Communicate the concept
    • Measure customer response
    • Interpret the results
    • Reflect on the results and the process
  11. What are durables?
    Products that last several years
  12. In the formula Q = N x A x P, what does Q stand for?
    the quantity of the product expected to be sold
  13. In the formula Q = N x A x P, what does A stand for?
    The fraction of potential customers or purchases for which the product is available and the customer is aware of the product
  14. In the formula Q = N x A x P, what does N stand for?
    The number of potential customers expected to make purchases during the time period
  15. In the formula Q = N x A x P, what does P stand for?
    The probability that the product is purchased if available and if the customer is aware of it
  16. In the formula P = C_definitely x F_definitely + C_probably + F_probably, what is C?
    Calibration constants usually established based on the experience of a company with similar products in the past
  17. What are the main factors which cause actual purchase patterns to differ from the purchase intentions expressed in surveys?
    • importance of word-of-mouth
    • Fidelity of the concept description
    • Pricing
    • Level of promotion
  18. What is the primary benefit of a concept test?
    Getting feedback from real potential customers
  19. What are variables in the forecasting model?
    • Overall size of the market
    • Availability and awareness of the product
    • Fraction of customers who are likely to purchase