Latin Ch 13

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  1. bedroom
    cubiculum, cubiculī
  2. danger
    perīculum, perīculī
  3. help
    auxilium, auxilī
  4. journey
    iter, itineris
  5. load
    onus, oneris
  6. name
    nōmen, nōminis
  7. time
    tempus, temporis
  8. track,footprint
    vēstīgium, vēstigī
  9. vehicle
    vehiculum, vehiculī
  10. wagon. cart
    plaustrum, plaustrī
  11. Davus nomina omnium servorum magna voce clamabat.
    Davus was shouting all the names of the slaves in a loud voice.
  12. Ecce, puer moleste! Cisium tabellarii ad nos tarde appropinquat.
    Look, annoying boy! The courier’s carriage slowly approaches us.
  13. Magnus ager prope villam senatoris est, et vehiculum nostrum in agro haeret.
    The large field is near the senator’s country house, and our vehicle sticks into the fields.
  14. Pater! Mater! Iter ad urbem facere nolo, quod amica mea hic habitat.
    Father!Mother! I do not want to journey, because my friend lives here.
  15. Plaustrum tarde per viam ibat quod magnum onus fert.
    The wagon was slow through the road because it carries a large load.
  16. Princeps epistulas omnium senatorum legere non potest, nam occupatus est.
    The emperor is not able to read the letters of all the senators, for in fact he is busy.
  17. Quamquam nulla vehicula apparent, Marcus et Sextus vestigia multorum vehiculorum in via vident.
    Although no vehicles appear, Marcus and Sextus see the tracks of many vehicles in the road.
  18. Tabellarius, qui epistulas senatorum ferebat, cisium celerrime agebat.
    The courier, who was carring the letters of the senators, was quickly delivering in a cisium.
  19. Image Upload
    Image Upload
  20. Quot rotas habet raeda?
    Raeda quattuor rotas habet.
  21. Quot pedes habet equus?
    Equus quattuor pedes habet
  22. Quot raedae sunt in fossa?
    Una raeda in fossa est.
  23. Quot rotas habet plaustrum?
    Plaustrum duas rotas habet.
  24. While Sextus and Marcus look out for many vehicles, they hear a loud crash.
  25. Sextus catches sight of a wagon in the distance.
  26. The oxen pull the wagons, but the horses pull the cisiums.
  27. The boys see the distinguished senator, who wears a toga.
  28. When the cisium goes past, there is a dust cloud.
  29. to look out for
    exspecto, exspectare
  30. long
  31. for a long time
  32. wheel
    rota, rotae f
  33. in the distance, far off
  34. cloud
    nubes, nubis, f (gen pl=nubium)
  35. dust
    pulvis pulveris m
  36. slow
  37. that
  38. besides
  39. ox
    bos, bovis m/f
  40. perhaps
  41. only
  42. to go past
    praetereo praeterire
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