Path of Pericarditis, Myocarditis, Endocarditis

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  1. What causes 80% of Myocarditis?
    Viruses. Mainly Coxsackie B Virus
  2. What cells are involved with Fibrinous Pericarditis?
  3. What invades the Myocardium in Viral Myocarditis and what does it secrete?
    • T Lymphocytes. 
    • Secretes lymphokines like Interleukins and TNF
  4. What is the pathology of Viral Myocarditis?
    • Pale and congested areas w/ mild hypertrophy.
    • Biventricular dilatation and generalized hypokinesis of the myocardium
    • Tiger Effect
    • Hearts are usually flabby and dilated
  5. What are the vegetations of Infective Endocarditis like?
    Composed of thrombi and bacteria, which can embolize, causing septic infarcts or abscesses
  6. What is the vast majority of infective endocarditis composed of?
    Pyogenic bacteria
  7. What usually causes Acute Bacterial Endocarditis (ABE)?
    Staph Aureus or Gram Negatives
  8. What kind of infection is Acute Bacterial Endocarditis (ABE)?
    Highly destructive infection of the valves usually of a normal heart valve
  9. What usually causes endocarditis of previously damaged native heart valves or otherwise abnormal valves?
    Aplha-hemolytic Strept (Strep viridans)
  10. What usually causes endocarditis of normal heart valves and sometimes prosthetic heart valves?
    Virulent Staph species (aureus)
  11. Major offender in IV drug abusers?
    Staph Aureus
  12. What causes the majority of prosthetic valve endocarditis?
    Staph epidermidis
  13. What is the gross presentation of infective endocarditis like?
    Vegetations are large, bulky, and friable which contain fibrin, thrombin, inflammatory cells, and "Bacteria" most commonly on the Mitral and Aortic valves
  14. Characteristics of Fungal Endocarditis
    Larger than bacterial vegetations and are more commonly seen on the tricuspid valve
  15. What is the most consistent clinical feature of Endocarditis?
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