History chapter 10 test

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  1. malquiladoras
    factories that assemble products almost exclusively for consumers in the US
  2. NAFTA
    North American Free Trade Agreement, which was designed to compete with the european union, a free-trade network in Europe
  3. migrant workers
    jobless peasants who travel from place to place where extra workers are needed to cultivate or harvest crops
  4. cash crop
    farm crops grown for sale and profit, such as corn, sugar cane, coffee, and fruit
  5. latifundios
    commercial farms owned by individuals or farming companies
  6. subsistence farming
    farming where only enough is grown to meet a familys needs
  7. ejidos
    farmland owned collectively by members of a rural community
  8. land restribution
    law where estates were divided among landless peasants
  9. haciendas
    large, spanish-owned estates of land, usually run as farms or cattle ranches.
  10. sinkhole
    a hole where the roof of a cavern has collapsed
  11. irrigation
    the artificial watering of farmland by storing and distributing water drawn from reservoirs or rivers
  12. peninsula
    a strip of land that juts out into the pacific ocean
  13. plateau
    an area of high, flat land
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