Soc 101

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  1. Can a person be prejudice
    without discriminating, and can a person discriminate and not be prejudice?
  2. Is race a biological category?
    Race is not a biological category, race is a social construct, we made up what a race is, not biology.
  3. what is deviance?
    describes actions or behaviors that violate social norms, including formally-enacted rules (e.g.,crime), as well as informal violations of social norms (e.g., rejecting folkways and mores)

    Also,- behaviors that certain groups find offensive
  4. Absolutism
    approach to defining deviance that rests on the assumption that all human behavior can be considered inherently good or inherently bad p. 237
  5. Relativism
    approach to defining deviance that rests on the assumption that deviance is socially created by collective human judgements and ideas, p. 240
  6. Deviant ideas can change over time. What is an example of this?
    Divorces were once seen as deviant but is no longer
  7. Labeling Theory
    • Labeling theory- labeling
    • someone, drug dealer, prostitute, and drag queen. Once we label someone, we
    • almost guarantee failure for that person. Example- ex convict
  8. Why is there a wage gap in male v female?
    • Hiring, Promotion, Pay
    • Sexual Harassment
    • Occupational Segregation
    • Taxing Motherhood
    • Undervaluing Woman Workers
  9. What is Pay Equity?
    Principle that woman and men who perform jobs that are equal value to society and that require equal training ought to be paid equally
  10. Sexual Harassment is what?
    • unwanted sexual advancement
    • -Slapping on the ass or talking sexually towards someone
  11. How do feminists define rape sociologically?
    p. 413-417

    Remember rape is a form of social control and review as to why.
  12. What is Colorism? Otherwise known as skin tone stratificaton
    Skin color prejudice within an ethnoracial group, most notably between light-skinned and dark-skinned blacks, 379-380, 401
  13. Objectification
    The practice of treating people as objects- in the same way that woman are seen as objects to men
  14. Sexism
    System of beliefs that asserts the inferiority of one sex and justifies gender-based inequality
  15. Sexual Inequality
    refers to unequal treatment or perceptions of individuals based on their gender.
  16. Ethnic Groups
    • people of the same race or nationality who share a distinctive culture. Dominants as well as minorities can be ethnic groups
    • Dominants- French Canadians
    • Distinctive Ethnic Groups-Native Americans, Hutterites, Amish, Hmong
  17. Prejudice
    • 1. Refers to attitude or feeling that is
    • unfavorable to a particular group
    • a. An attitude is a state of mind

    • 2.This state of mind is enhanced by stereotypes
    • a.Stereotypes are over simplified generalizations

    • 3.Stereotyping emphasis’s certain traits that are
    • assumed to be innate

    • 4.These traits emphasis differences rather than
    • similarities between groups

    • 5.They become an excuse for unequal treatment of the group in question
    • a. These traits are often reinforced by the mass
    • media
  18. Scape Goating
    when people are repeatedly frustrated in getting needs met, they may become angry or aggressive- this anger or frustration is directed toward those perceived to be less powerful
  19. Projection
    • means attributing to others characteristics to painful to acknowledge in
    • self.
  20. Why is the state (or public) sector important for black socioeconomic advancement?
    • 1. More opportunities for blacks to move into middle and high status occupations
    • 2. greater opportunities to move up the occupational ladder, and
 comparable earnings to similarly qualified black and white professionals.
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