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  1. Made first newspaper with weather map in color.
    USA today
  2. ________ had the 1st daily weather map.
    • The Times of London
    • April 1, 1875
  3. Published the first US weather map
    • New York Herald
    • 1876
  4. T or F. TV weather started off as a light hearted diversion from important news and sports.
    • True
    • Originally started of as sexy women and comedians who read reports in casual ways.
  5. Made for viewing complex information in a simple way
  6. represent things that aren't visual in visual ways
    tendency to visualization
  7. _________ is a theoretical framework in which the point-like particles of particle physics are replaced by one-dimensional objects called strings.
    string theory
  8. Father of modern info graphics
    William Playfair
  9. Advantages of info graphics
    • Simplicity
    • Visuals are easier to remember
    • time saving
    • visually appealing
  10. disadvantages of infographocs
    exaggerated data
  11. True or False: Greeks invented the grid
    • Chinese
    • Greeks invented latitude and longitude
  12. T or F: Cartoons started in Japan?
    • F: Egypt
    • Caricatures 1360 BCE
  13. Father of the editorial cartoon
    • William Hogerth
    • Newspaper cartoons
    • raise social problems
  14. Political cartoons exposed politicians
    Thomas Nast
  15. Peanuts creator
    • Charles Shultz 
    • "wealthiest contemporary cartoonist in history"
  16. First color comic
    • Pulitzer May 5, 1895
    • "Sunday World"
  17. Disney women characteristics
    • overly sexualized
    • manipulate men with body
    • rescued by male
  18. "Migrant Mother"
    • photo by Dorothea Lange
    • subject was Florence Thompson
  19. telling a subject in a photo what to do
    photo manipulation
  20. TF: Journalism is about reality.
  21. pin reflects light and turns image upside down
    camera obscura
  22. Father of Photography
    • Joseph Nicephose Niepce
    • 1st permanent photograph
    • "sun writing"
  23. Photographic style that uses a positive image placed inverted in the box
    • Louis Jacques Monde Dagurre
    • Daguerreotype
  24. Negative paper in window. Lay positive over it
    • Calotype
    • Williiam Henry Fox Talbot
  25. First color photo
    James Clark Maxwell
  26. Started in US. Used film. Gave away cameras to 10yr olds
  27. Using extreme light or extreme dark
  28. Five ethical perspectives
    • visual persuasion
    • stereotypes
    • showing victims of violence
    • violating rights to privacy
    • picture manipulation
  29. Violence in photography
    • tasteless for adding anguish to those involved
    • viewers are attracted to these photos
  30. First photo manipulation
    Hippolyte Basard fake death
  31. wet-collodion
    hq and reproducable
  32. First motion picture
    • Horse in motion
    • Eadweard Muybridge
  33. Invented box used for viewing pictures
  34. cinematographe- movies shown in showroom showing everyday life. Established documentary
    Lumiere Brothers
  35. founder of s/fx. The Great Train Robbery
  36. 1915 became home for producing movies
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