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  1. What is weather?
    • the condition of the atmosphere at a particular place and time
    • continually changing in a dynamic matter because of heat
  2. What is climate?
    the average weather characteristics of a given region
  3. What is the Koppen-Geiger system?
    climate classification system based on native vegetation
  4. How many groups are in the Koppen-Geiger system?
    • 5
    • Groups A, B, C, D, and E
  5. What are the Koppen-Geiger systems?
    • A: tropical/megathermal
    • B: dry
    • C: mild/mesothermal
    • D: continental/microthermal
    • E: polar
  6. What is the atmosphere made of?
    • permanent gasses
    • variable gasses
    • aerosols
  7. What are permanent gasses?
    • proportions stay constant
    • have little effect on the atmosphere
    • Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon
  8. What are variable gasses?
    • proportions vary with time and space
    • play important role in atmospheric dynamics
  9. What is the cryosphere?
    • part of the hydrosphere that stays frozen year round
    • (permafrost, ice caps, glaciers)
  10. How do glaciers move?
    • from high areas to low areas
    • new snow forms at high elevations; ice melts, evaporates and breaks off at lower elevations
  11. What are the two types of glaciers?
    • continental: cover a large part of a continent
    • alpine: streams that flow down canyons and valleys
  12. What are some different ways to get paleo-proxy data?
    • tree rings
    • sediments
    • ice cores
    • pollen
    • corals
    • carbon-14
    • carbon dioxide
  13. How can we study past climate changes?
    • instrumental record
    • historical record
    • paleo-proxy record
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