Global Warming

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  1. What are the 5 greenhouse gasses?
    • water vapor
    • carbon dioxide
    • methane
    • nitrous oxides
    • ozone
  2. Water vapor:
    • most abundant greenhouse gas
    • H20
  3. Carbon dioxide:
    • concentration has been increasing since mid-1800s
    • increase correlates with burning of fossil fuels
    • CO2
  4. Methane:
    • has been increasing
    • naturally occurs due to decay of organic matter, digestive processes of organisms, leaks from petroleum reservoirs¬†
    • humans have contributed through domestication of animals, rice production, and leaks from gas pipelines
    • CH4
  5. What is the ocean conveyor belt?
    circulation of ocean water in oceans that can cause fast changes in climate
  6. What is happening in the Atlantic Ocean conveyor belt?
    • northward movement of surface waters are cooled when they hit Greenland
    • water cools, becomes saltier and denser, sinks to bottom
    • then flows southward to Africa
    • huge amounts of warm water keep Europe way warmer than it would be
  7. What are the effects of global warming?
    • precipitation changes
    • changes in vegetation patterns
    • increased storminess
    • climate pattern changes
    • ice pattern changes
    • thawing of frozen ground
    • sea level rise
    • changes in hydrologic cycle
    • decomposition of organic material in soil
    • breakdown of gas hydrates
    • wildfires
    • changes in biosphere
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