Education And Testing

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  1. What is Campbell's law?
    Any indicator to which high stakes are attached will be subject to corruption.
  2. What are some examples o Campbell's law?
    Cheating of state test.
  3. Name three types of cheating in connection with states test.
    1. Handing out copies of the test to practice on.

    2. Giving students answers during the test.

    3. Change wrong answers to right answers. 
  4.  In total how many types of cheating are identified by Nichols and Berliner?
  5. What is the title of Nichols and Berliner's book? 
    Collateral Damage: How High-Stakes Testing Corrupts America's Schools.
  6. In what chapter are types of cheating located?
    Chapter 2
  7. How does this relate to motivation, rewards and punishment?
    • It exposes the weakness of extrinsic rewards as a source of motivation.
    • Students, teachers and administrators focus on the end result rather than the process. Scores on test rather than getting and education. 
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