WnL Bar

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  1. Watermelon Water

    1- Cinneman stick
    1- Sprig Terregon
    15- Juniper
    10- All spice
    10- Bayleafs
    2Qt's- Water
    • Peel Watermelon and take the rine off
    • Grill half mellon and keep half raw
    • Blend with water mellon water
    • Strain
    • Keep refrigerated
  2. Cucumber Water

    3- Cucumbers-peeled
    • Dice and add to blender
    • Fill with water
    • Strain pulp with coffee filter
  3. Watermelon Peel Pickling
    (For 1/2 Mellon)

    3 cups golden balsamic vinegar
    1 1/2 cups water
    1/8 cups Chili flakes
    Add peel and vinegar mix to Mason Jar
  4. Date Bourbon

    50 Dates (deseeded)
    Fill with well bourbon
  5. Bitters Base

    -1/8 of each-
    Black Pepper
    (all spice)
    (Lemon Peel)
    • Bake combined ingredience for 2-3 min. Do not let burn
    • Once its finished baking, add 3 cups everclear
    • Let sit for 3 weeks
    • After 3 weeks, strain and bake(dry) the seeds

    • Then
    • Add 9oz of desired fruit-muddled
    • add muddled fruit to quart container 3/4 of bitters
    • add 1/2 qt water
    • let sit for a week
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