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  1. What is indirect contact ?
    Inhaling mostiture droplets from and infected person
  2. list 8 important ways to prevent infectious disease
    • 1.vaccine 
    • 2:eat protein food 
    • 3:sleep
    • 4:fluids 
    • 5:keep kitchen clean 
    • 6: cooks meats well 
    • 7:exercise
    • 8:wash hands
  3. Why are 
    antibotics less effective today than they once were ?
    Because some bacteria have became resistant to antibotic
  4. What's a toxin?
  5. howWhose does infectious diseases spread ?
    Contact with a infected person,contained object , infected animal , environmental object
  6. What are infectious disease?
    Illness that passes from one organism to anther
  7. What is an antibiotic ?
    A chemical that can kill bacteria without haring a persons cells
  8. Illnesses that pass between humans ?
    colds,flu,chickenpox ,cold sores , steep throat,mono,AIDS
  9. Vaccine?
    A substance that is introduced into the body to stimulate the production of chemicals that destroy spefic virus , or bacteria
  10. What is direct contact?
    Kissing,hugging,high giving , hand shakes , touching
  11. What type of contact with environment sources contribute to the spread of a disease ?
    FoodFoods,soil, water, poultry ,eggs ,meat-give u food poising
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