Geol 1001 final lsu 2013 Chapter 1

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  1. When did the Big Bang occur?
    A. 13.7 trillion years ago
    B. 13.7 billion years ago
    C. 13.7 million years ago
    B. 13.7 billion years ago
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  2. Main points of the Big Bang.
    How did the universe began?
    The universe began with all matter and energy as 1 point
  3. Main points of the Big Bang
        What chemical elements formed right away? (3)
    • §  First instant: Universe was small,
    • hot, dense then Hydrogen formed
    • §  After 3 minutes, hydrogen fused to
    • make Helium
    • §  Accumulation into nebulae (patchy
    • clouds)
  4. Main points of the Big Bang.
    How did we get the heavier elements?
    • ·Element factories: constantly factoring larger atoms out of smaller atoms
    • §  Stellar nucleosynthesis
    • · Life cycle of stars
    • · 92 naturally occurring elements formed
  5. Main points of the Big Bang.
    ___1. fusion           A. stream of atoms
    ___2. stellar wing   B. creates elements lighter than Fe
    ___3. Supernova    C.creates elements heavier than Fe
    • o  Stellar wing- stream of atoms
    • o  creates elements lighter than Fe- Fusion
    • o  creates elements heavier than Fe- Supernova
  6. Main points of the Big Bang.
    What are sources of heat in earth? (2)
    • 1. Energy left over from the formation of Eath
    • 2. Decay of radioactive minerals
  7. Main points of the Big Bang.
    When did the Earth form?
    4.6 billion years ago
  8. What are the Earth layers?(3)

    • -Crust
    • -Mantle
    • -Core
  9. What are the 2 main parts of the crust?
    How is each part?
    What are their properties? (composition, density, ect.)
    • §  Continental Crust
    •       ·25-35km thick
    •       ·Granite but also (consists of many rocks)
    •       ·Solid
    •       ·Less dense than oceanic crust
    • §  Oceanic Crust
    •      ·7-10km thcick
    •      ·Consist of Basalt and Gabbro
  10. What is the mantle made of? What is its properties?(4)
    • Mantle
    • §  Largest part of Earth
    • §  Consist of ultramafic rock (dark
    • and dense rock)
    • §  S and p waves
    • §  Temp of mantle increases with
    • depth. Warmer regions less dense cooler regions more dense
  11. What are the properties of the Earth's core?
    • Core
    • §  Iron alloy
    • ·Inner core- solid Fe
    • ·Outer-core liquid
    • ·S and p waves
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