Easy Points: FMCH II - Research Proposal

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  1. Phases of research
    • Conceptual phase
    • Design phase
    • Implementation
    • Analysis and interpretation
    • ...
  2. Which phase?
    Problem ID and definition
    Formulation of problem statement and purpose
    Placing problem in a theoretical framework
    Literature review
    Conceptual phase
  3. Which phase?
    Specifiying assumptions and limitations
    Formulating objectives/hypothesis
    Defining terms
    Ethical considerations
    Conceptual phase
  4. Which phase?
    Selecting the research design
    Determining a sampling plan
    ID a method of data collection
    Conducting a pilot study (preliminary), if necessary
    Design phase
  5. Which phase?
    Developing time table
    Developing a budget...
    Implementation phase
  6. Which phase?
    Analyzing the data
  7. Should be descriptive of the content
  8. Parts of a good title
    • Independent variable
    • Dependent variable
    • The relationship between the two
    • The target population
  9. Those who will participate in the work and defense of the proposal before a clinical audience
  10. Parts of the cover sheet
    • Title
    • Authors/Address of proponents
    • Research Advisors
  11. Parts of the introduction
    • Problem ID/statement of the problem
    • Literature review
    • ...
  12. Presents the nature and scope of the problem
  13. Reviews the pertinent literature to orient the investigator
  14. Provides rationale, purpose in writing the paper, and the most important background information (choose references carefully)
  15. A clear, focused, concise, complex and arguable question around which you center your research
    research question
  16. As a question about an issue that you are genuinely curious about
    research question
  17. Essential to the research process; helps writers focus their research by providing a path through the research and writing process
    research question
  18. Steps to developing a research question
    • Choose an interesting general topic
    • Do some preliminary research on your general topic
    • Consider your audience
    • Start asking open-ended "how" and "why" questions about your general topic
    • Evaluate your question: is it clear?
  19. One sentence in the form of a question
    The question can be answered with a number of phrased terms of basic science significance/importance
    research question
  20. Comparisons to be made are specified qualitatively and quantitatively (if a comparative study is to be done)
    Research question
  21. The endpoint or outcome or treatment effects of interest is specified in qualitative and quantitative terms
    Research question
  22. Which part has these components?
    background of the study
    statement of the problem
    literature review
    significance of the study
  23. Gives overview of the project discussing the factors that lead to the conceptualization of the problem
    background of the study
  24. problems both general and specific which the research proponent hopes to solve or offer solution
    statement of the problem
  25. Enumerate the goals that the research would attempt to achieve.  If possible, delineate the general from the specific objectives which proponent hopes to achieve
  26. SMART Objective
    • Specific/Simple
    • Measurable
    • Attainable
    • Relevant
    • Time bound
  27. Overall purpose of the research derived from the statement of the broad problem and the hypothesis
    general objectives
  28. body of literature related to the study...
    literature review
  29. contribution of the study to a) national goals/plans; b) national policies, c) emerging realities, d) regional (local goals/plans); e) community goals/plans
    significance of the study
  30. "What is the study for?"
    Rationale of the study
  31. Choosing appropriate research design
    Choosing and validating measuring instrument
    Materials and Method
  32. Methodoly details are presented; purpose is to provide details...
    Includes research design...
    Materials and method
  33. The reserach subjects are defined; with description of how they are selected or prouced with quality controls indicated
    inclusion/exclusion criteria
    specify how sampling bias is minimized
    Materials and methods
  34. Description of experimental maneuver
    Defined sufficietly...
    Materials and methods
  35. Specify:
    Treatment allocation and randomization
    How experimental and control groups differ and their direction of intervention
    Materials and methods
  36. Specify
    Who will be blinded
    How co-intervention and contamination will be avoided
    How you will minimize bias in administering the maneuver
    Materials and methods
  37. Specify
    The methods, instruments, questionnaires to be used to measure the attributes
    Materials and methods
  38. Specify the evidence for presenting that will ensure the precision, feasability, credibility and sensitivity of the instrument or questionnaire to any change in the attribute...
  39. Justification of sample size:
    Indicate expected frequency and endpoint events in the control group, the basic scientific significance of interest...
  40. Statistical methods of data analysis
    Ethical considerations: confidentiality statement, informed consent, ethical board approval
  41. Description of outcome measurements:
    Quality control procedures
  42. Monitoring of the study
    Adeherence to protocol
    Protocol amendements
    Criteria for removal of subject from the study
    quality control procedures
  43. Used to present possible results of the study; primary outcome of interest plus secondary outcome(s) if any
    Dummy table
  44. Includes a detailed/itemized breakdown of the total project costs and the source/s of funds
    Budgetary requirements
  45. Credential of project leader and key researchers; this should establish credibility and expertise of staff involved in the study
    qualification of the research and staff
  46. List of references cited in the introduction and the materials and methods sections in order of citation
  47. Compassion satisfaction and compassion fatigue among medical students in the intl class using the Proqol
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