geol 1001 lsu final

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  1. Where do divergent boundaries happen mostly?(2)
    • -mid ocean ridges
    • -continental rift
  2. What are divergent boundaries?(3)
    • -normal faults
    • -makes new crust
    • -new oceanic lithosphere forms
  3. Describe the process of mid-ocean ridges?
    • §  Oceanic crust form through sea-floor spreading, hot asthenosphere melts molten rock. Magma forms and rises then accumulates in ridge (magma chamber)
    • §  As plates move away from the MOR
    • axis, they cool and the lithosphere mantle forms and thickens
  4. What are the properties of mid-ocean ridges? (6)
    • §  Intrusive and Extrusive
    • §  Felsic rock SiO2 rich
    • §  Sedimentary rock -> limestone,
    • chert,  biochemical rocks
    • §  Decompression (less pressure)
    • §  Segmented, denser, thin crust
    • §  Metamorphic-> hydrothermal
  5. What is a continental rift?
    • §  A linear belt in which continental
    • lithosphere pulls apart
    •  ·Stretches horizontally and thins vertically
    • Fault: Normal
  6. Why does melting happens at continental rifts?
    Melting happens because the crust thins
  7. What kind of rocks form there?
    Name some rocks seen there.
    • metamorphic rocks and igneous rocks
    • §  Igneous rock: Basalt, Rhyolite and andesite (intermediate)

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