1980's Important People (2)

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  1. Responsible for the 1989 Oil spill
    Joseph Hazelwood
  2. Created Apple with Steve Jobs in California in 1970
    Steve Wozniak
  3. Tried to assassinate President Ronald Reagen at the Hilton Hotel in 1981
    John Hinkley
  4. Televangelists husband and wife who stole money from their church (members of the PTL club)
    Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker
  5. Old school rappers from 1979 that paved the way rappers like them
    The Sugar Hill Gang
  6. Barak bombing killing 241 Marines. Drove a truck through a 3 bobbed wire fence into a lobby. After the US became involved in the middle east
    October 23, 1983 Lebanon
  7. Teenager who was sick and got fool blown aids from a blood transfusion. Talked about the importance of Aids publicly
    Ryan White
  8. 1985 made fundraising concert called "Fund the world", "cancer across America" to help the hungry and homeless (held hands all over the world)
    Ken Kragan
  9. First women to be nominated in the Supreme Court in 1981 by Ronald Regan
    Sandre Day O Conner
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