Medication Administration

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  1. How do you convert mL to L
    • Divide the smaller unit of volume by 1000
    • or move the decimal three places to the left

    500mL / 1000=0.5L or 500=0.5L
  2. How would you convert L to mL
    Multiply L by 1000 or Move the decimal three places to the right

    1.5L x 1000=1500mL or 1.500 =1500mL
  3. To convert a larger unit of weight to a smaller one:
    Multiply the larger unit of weight by 1000
  4. Approximates:
    • Teaspoon 5mL
    • Tablespoon 15mL
    • Cup 240mL
  5. To convert Fahrenheit to Celsius
    • Subtract 32 then multiply by 0.555
    • 98.6F -32 x 0.555 =36.9 (37C)
  6. To convert Celsius to Fahrenheit
    • Multiply by 1.8 then add 32
    • 37C x 1.8 + 32 = 98.6F
  7. To determine the concentration of the drug that you have on hand
    Total weight of the drug Divided by Total Volume in Milliliters = Weight per Milliliter

    100mg (total weight) divided by 10mL (total volume) = 10mg/mL
  8. To determine the the volume to be administered
    Desired dose(mg) divided by concentration of drug on hand (mg/mL) = volume to be administered
  9. The "six rights" of medication administration
    • Right:
    • Patient
    • Drug
    • Dose
    • Route
    • Time
    • Documentation
  10. What is the critical information you need to know about the drugs you carry:
    • Indications
    • Contraindications
    • Therapeutic effects
    • Side effects
    • Appropriate dosages
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