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  1. Lu wind cold
    av. to cold, fever, occipital headache, bodyache, no sweat, cough, thin clear sputum, asthma, itchy throat, slight breathlessness, blocked or runny nose, sneezing

    • T:thin white coat (normal)
    • P:floating, tight
  2. Lu wind heat
    fever, av. to cold, slight sweat, slight thirst, cough w/ thick yellow sputum, turbid nasal discharge, sore throat, blocked/runny nose w/ yellow discharge, asthma, sneezing, headache, body aches, swollen tonsils

    • T: slightly red, front or sides
    • P: floating rapid
  3. Lu wind water
    sudden swelling of face & eyes, gradually spreading to whole body, bright shiny complexion, scanty urine, breathlessness, aversion to wind, fever, cough, no sweating

    • T:slippery white coat
    • P:floating, slippery (dampness)
  4. Lu heat
    cough w/ thick yellow/bloody sputum, asthma, breathlessness, chest ache, fever, flaring nostrils, thirst, flushed face, dry stool

    • T:red, yellow coat
    • P:large, rapid
  5. Lu dryness
    must have ext. syndrome, dry cough w/ expectoration of sticky sputum, SOB, chest oppression, dry throat, wheezing, hoarse voice, fuzziness & dizziness of head, pasty dry complexion, mild fever or heat, dry skin, bloody sputum, chest pain

    • T:swollen, dry sticky coat
    • P:thready, slippery, floating
  6. Lu phlegm damp
    chronic cough with profuse white sticky sputum, easy to expectorate, phlegm in throat, wheezing, chest oppression, pasty white complexion, SOB, dislike laying down, nausea, heaviness, fuzziness, dizziness in head

    • T: swollen, sticky white coat (thick)
    • P: slippery or soggy
  7. Lu phlegm cold
    cough with expectoration of white watery sputum, aggravated by exposure to cold, feeling cold, cold hands, phm in throat, dizziness, chest oppression, cold in chest, heaviness, fuzziness, dizziness of head

    • T: swollen & wet, sticky white coat
    • P: slippery, slow
  8. Lu phlegm heat
    barking cough with profuse sticky yellow or green sputum, coughing blood, chest pain, coarse respiration, feeling of heat, thirst, insomnia, agitation, dark urine, sob, asthma, wheezing, chest oppression, phlegm in throat, heaviness/fuzziness/dizziness in head

    • T: red, swollen, sticky yellow coat (thick)
    • P: slippery, rapid
  9. Lu phlegm fluid
    cough with expectoration of profuse dilute white watery sputum, breathlessness, splashing sound in chest, white watery frothy vomiting, chest oppression, heaviness/fuzziness/dizziness of head, wheezing, cold limbs, feeling cold, scare can elicit coughing.

    • T: pale, sticky white coat
    • P: moderate, soft, slippery, wiry
  10. Lu qi deficiency
    weak cough, weak voice, sob, worse when active, asthma, spontaneous sweat, bright-pale complexion, easy to catch cold, dislike of cold, dislike speaking, fatigue

    • T: pale, white thin
    • P: weak (particularly right front)
  11. Lu yin deficiency
    dry cough with scanty sticky sputum, asthma, bloody sputum, weak hoarse voice, dry throat & mouth, itchy throat, tiredness, dislike speaking, emaciation, night sweating, tidal fever

    • T: normal, dry coat or no coat in front
    • P: floating, deficient, thready rapid
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Zangfu pathologies of Lung
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