Psychology chapter 7

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  1. After looking up his friend's phone number, Alex was able to remember it only long enough to dial it correctly. In this case, the telephone number was clearly stored in his ________ memory. 
    A. implicit
    B. flashbulb
    C. long term
    D. short-term
    D. short-term
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  2. The encoding of information into long-term storage without the aid of working memory illustrates 
    A. repression
    B. unconscious processing
    C. source amnesia
    D. the spacing effect
    B. unconscious processing
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  3. The extensive rehearsal necessary to encode nonsense syllables best illustrates 
    A. effortful processing
    B. the serial position effect
    C. the spacing effect
    D. implicit memory
    A. efforful processing
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  4. Many students review course material at various times during a semester so they will be prepared for the final exam. These students are especially likely to retain the information far into the future. This best illustrates the
    value of 
    A. implicit memory
    B. the serial position effect
    C. state- dependent memory
    D. the spacing efect
    D. the spacing effect
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  5. At a block party, Kita is introduced to eight new neighbors. Moments later, she can only remember the names of the first three and last two neighbors. Her experience illustrates 
    a, source amnesia
    b. the misinformation effect
    c. implicit memory
    d. the serial position effect
    d. the serial position effect
  6. Mr. Nydam suffers amnesia and is unable to remember playing golf on a particular course. Yet the more he plays the course, the more his game improves. His experience illustrates the need to distinguish between 
    A. explicit memory and implicit memory
    B. short-term memory and long-term memory
    C. interference and repression
    D. recognition and recall
    A. explicit memory and implicit memory
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  7. To remember all the school supplies she needs to buy, Marcy formed mental images of each item positioned at distinct locations along her daily route to school. Marcy's tactic best illustrates the use of 
    A. visual encoding
    B. implicit memory
    C. automatic processing
    D. the spacing effect
    A. visual encoding
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  8. Which of the following is believed to be the synaptic basis for learning and memory? 
    A. visual encoding
    B. automatic processing
    C. rehearsal
    D. long-term potentiation
    D. long- term potentiation
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  9. Exciting or shocking events are seared into memory with the help of 
    A. repression
    B. hormonal changes
    C. source amnesia
    D. the serial position effect
    B. hormonal changes
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  10. The happier Judie is, the more readily she recalls her former teachers as warm and generous. This best illustrates that emotional states can be 
      a. retrieval cues.
      b. short-term memories.
      c. sensory memories.
      d. flashbulb memories.
    a. retrieval cues
  11. After suffering a brain injury in a motorcycle accident, Arotza cannot form new memories. He can, however, remember events before the accident. Arotza's memory difficulty most clearly illustrates 
      a. repression.
      b. the serial position
      c. encoding failure.
      d. source amnesia.
    c. encoding failure
  12. Janica studied French vocabulary in the morning and Spanish vocabulary in the afternoon. During her Spanish exam that evening, she finds herself remembering only the French terms. Her difficulty best illustrates 
      a. the spacing effect.
      b. interference.
      c. source amnesia.
      d. implicit memory.
    b. interference
  13. Mrs. McBride can't consciously recall how often she yells at her children because it would be too anxiety arousing to do so. Sigmund Freud would have suggested that her poor memory illustrates 
      a. source amnesia.
      b. proactive interference.
      c. automatic processing.
      d. repression.
    d. repression
  14. After Teresa was verbally threatened by someone in a passing car, she was asked whether she recognized the man who was driving the car. Several hours later, Teresa mistakenly recalled that the driver was a male rather than a female. Teresa's experience best illustrates 
      a. implicit memory.
      b. the spacing effect.
      c. the misinformation effect.
      d. the serial position
    c. the misinformation effect
  15. Recalling something that you had once merely imagined happening as something you had directly experienced best illustrates 
      a. the spacing effect.
      b. mood-congruent memory.
      c. interference.
      d. source amnesia.
    d. source amnesia
  16. Researchers now recognize the active information processing that occurs
    in short-term memory and refer to it as ________ memory. 
      a. sensory
      b. working
      c. flashbulb
      d. implicit
    b. working
  17. When you hear familiar words in your native language, it is almost impossible not to register the meanings of the words. This best illustrates the importance of 
      a. flashbulb memory.
      b. automatic processing.
      c. implicit memory.
      d. the spacing effect.
    b. automatic processing
  18. The spacing effect describes an effective strategy for 
      a. rehearsal.
      b. repression.
      c. retrieval.
      d. state-dependent memory.
    a. rehearsal
  19. Which of the following is most likely to be stored as an implicit memory? 
      a. a mental image of your best friend
      b. the date of you own birth
      c. a conditioned fear of guns
      d. your own name
    c. a conditioned fear of guns
  20. Having read a story once, certain amnesia victims will read it faster the second time even though they can't recall having read the story before. They have most likely suffered damage to the 
      a. hippocampus.
      b. cerebellum.
      c. hypothalamus.
      d. amygdala.
    a. hippocampus
  21. When you have to make a long-distance call to an unfamiliar number, you
    have to dial an area code plus a seven-digit number. You are likely to have
    trouble retaining the just-looked-up number in memory because of the limited
    capacity of ________ memory.
    c. short-term
  22. Many people can easily recall exactly what they were doing when they first learned of the death of a close friend or family member. This best
    illustrates ________ memory. 
      a. sensory
      b. flashbulb
      c. implicit
      d. state-dependent
    b. flashbulb
  23. When you are picking the correctly learned answer from several choices, you are testing your 
      a. recall.
      b. recognition.
      c. reconstruction.
      d. relearning.
    b. recognition
  24. Whenever Valerie feels afraid, she is overwhelmed with childhood memories of her abusive parents. Valerie's experience best illustrates 

      a. repression.
      b. mood-congruent memory.
      c. interference.
      d. the misinformation effect.
    b. mood-congruent memory
  25. The gradual fading of the memory trace contributes to 
      a. implicit memory.
      b. storage decay.
      c. mood-congruent memory.
      d. long-term potentiation.
    b. storage decay
  26. While taking the final exam in American history, Marie was surprised and frustrated by her momentary inability to remember the name of the first president of the United States. Her difficulty most clearly illustrates 
      a. state-dependent memory.
      b. the serial position effect.
      c. the misinformation effect.
      d. retrieval failure.
    d. retrieval failure
  27. Learning a new debit card password may block the recall of a familiar old password. This illustrates 
      a. the spacing effect.
      b. source amnesia.
      c. interference.
      d. repression.
    c. interference
  28. Although Hsin typically smokes two packs of cigarettes a day, he recalls smoking little more than a pack a day. This poor memory best illustrates 
      a. the misinformation effect.
      b. motivated forgetting.
      c. the spacing effect.
      d. the serial position effect.
    b. motivated forgetting
  29. The surprising ease with which people form false memories best illustrates that the processes of encoding and retrieval involve 
      a. implicit memory.
      b. automatic processing.
      c. long-term potentiation.
      d. memory construction.
    d. memory construction
  30. Last July, Steve went to see a science fiction movie about spaceship travel and alien abductions. He now remembers that he had been abducted by aliens and personally subjected to many of the horrors portrayed in the movie. His mistaken recall best illustrates 
      a. implicit memory.
      b. the spacing effect.
      c. source amnesia.
      d. mood-congruent memory.
    c. source amnesia
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