chapter 14-socio

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  1. Dignity in all work
    sense of calling
    find the place where your deep happiness meets the world's deep hunger
    • vocation
    • work and service
  2. What happened in the posindustrial?
    • de-skilling (skill transferred from worker to technology)
    • global competition and downsizing
    • decline of social contract between worker and employer
  3. a set of ideas, also referred to as "scientific management," developed by Frederick Winslow taylor involving simple, coordinated operatins in industry.
  4. is the name given to designat the system of mass production tied to the cultivation of mass markets

    assembly line was introduced.
  5. automation-no need for people to do many things.
  6. an econnomic system based on the private ownership of wealth, which is invested and reinvested in order to produce profit.
     is a way of organizing economic life that is distinguished by the following important features; private ownership of the markets to seel goods, acquire cheap materials, and use cheap labor; and resltess expansion and investment to accumulate capital.
  7. business corporations located in two or more countries
    multi-national corporations
  8. production processes monitored and controlled by machines with only minimal supervision from people
  9. a business practice that sends produciton of materials to factories around the world. The components of one final product often originate from many different countries than the one in which the product is ultimately put together and sold. Factroeis from different countries must compete with each other to obtain business.
    global outsourcing
  10. process in which computers design cutomized products for a mass market.
    flexible production
  11. a society no longer based primarily on the production of material goods but instead on the production of knowledge. Its emergence has been linked to the development of a broad base of consumers who are technologically literate and have made new advances in the computing, entertainment, and telecommunications part of their lives.
    knowledge economy.
  12. a worker who possesses a diversity of skills or qualifications and is therefore able to move easily from job to job.
    portfolio workers
  13. refers to feelings of estrangement and even hostility-initially to one's job and eventually to the overall framework of capitalist industrial production.
  14. salary, benefits, co-workers, environment, hours

    sense of accomplishment, contributes to the public good, giving back to the community, cosistent with moral framework.

  15. What are the changing attitudes toward jobs?
    • americans increasingly reluctant to work at jobs they do not like.
    • more people expect work to be meaningful and stimulating.
    • increasingly value leisure time but getting less of it.
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