Education=chapter 16

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  1. traits of behavior or attitudes that are learned at school but not included within the formal the formal curriculum-for example, gender differences
    hidden curriculum
  2. dividing students into groups that receive different instruction on the basis of assumed similariteis in ability or attainment
  3. forms of communication sucha as newspapers, magazines, radio, and television, designed to reach mass audiences
    mass media
  4. a notion asociated with Marshall McLauhan, who believed that the world has become like a small community as a result of the spread of electronic communitcaiton. For instance, people in many different parts of the world follow the same news events through television programming.
    global village.
  5. the means by which people communicate in modern societies, the most prominent component of which is the mass media--movies, television, radio, videos, records, magazines, and newspapers.
    public sphere
  6. knowledge of a local community, possessed by individuals who spend long periods of their lives in it.
    local knowledge
  7. an idea associated with Jean Baudrillard, who argued that as a result of the spread of electronic communicaiton, there is no longer a separate "reality" to which tv programs and other cultural products refer  instead, what we take to be rality is structured by such communication itself. For instance, the items reported on the news are not just about a separate series of events, but acutally define and construct what those events are.
  8. interaction between individuals who are not physically in one another's presence=for example, a telephone conversation.
    mediated interaction
  9. electronic networks of interaction between individuals at different computer terminals
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