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  1. Cerebellum Function
    • coordination of voluntary movements
    • learning of conditioned reflexes
    • balance and posture
  2. Cerebellum Major output
    motor output (deep cerebellar nuclei)
  3. Climbing fibers purpose
    excite deep cerebellar nuclei and purkinje fibers (directly)
  4. Mossy Fibers purpose
    excite deep cerebellar nuclei and granular cells which excite perkinje (indirectly)
  5. Purkinje fibers
    inhibit deep cerebellar nuclei
  6. Symptoms of Cerebellar Damage
    • ataxia
    • hypotonia
    • dysarthria
    • gait
    • dysmetria
    • intention tremor
    • Holmeā€™s Rebound Phenomenon
    • Adiaochokinesia
    • Gaze Motor Learning
  7. Primary Motor Cortex Function
    execution of movement
  8. Primary Motor Cortex output
    • corticospinal and other descending pathways
    • thalamus, basal ganglia, cerebellum
  9. Primary Motor Cortex input
    • basal ganglia
    • sensory motor cortex, premotor cortex, cerebellum
  10. Premotor cortex function
    • planning for movement
    • certain areas of brain fire when see movement
  11. Premotor cortex output
    • primary motor cortex
    • brainstem; spinal cord
  12. Premotor cortex input
    similar to primary motor cortex
  13. Supplementary Motor Cortex Function
    initiation of movement
  14. Supplementary Motor Cortex Output
    • primary motor cortex
    • brainstem and spinal cord
    • basal ganglia
  15. Supplementary Motor Cortex Input
    similar to primary motor cortex
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