law 1

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  1. Jobs of police
    • Maintain order
    • Investigate crime
    • Inspections
    • Forensics
    • Permits
  2. Federal police ex
    • DEA (Drugs)
    • ICE (immigration)
    • Secret Service (police for treasurer- counterfeiters)
    • FBI
  3. Federal Police
    • Have specific crimes that they search for
    • Except FBI (have overarching jurisdiction)
  4. State and Local Police Management
    • Police commissioner
    • Police Chief
  5. Police commissioners
    • elected or appointed
    • Civilian oversight for police dept
    • Job- hiring and firing; submitting the budget
  6. Police chief
    • head sworn police officer
    • Manage divisions in police dept and day to day things of being a police officer
    • Report to police commissioner
  7. Patrol Division
    • *** Maintain order by their visible presence in the community (Light bar on car, Uniform)
    • ---If see cop on certain road you’ll probably slow down each time you go down it
    • Not to catch criminals in the act; Respond to crime after it happens
    • Give authority to act immediately to enforce the law (make arrest or quiet violent situation)
    • Community Policing
  8. Community Policing
    • interact with the community so the community feels comfortable with the police in their community
    • ---citizens more likely to report crime
    • ---Deters crime too bc know who are the good people in the community
  9. Detective division
    • Investigate/ solve serious crimes after it occurs
    • Drive unmarked cars bc too obvious when solving crime
  10. Police discretion
    • All laws not enforced equally (Speeding vs murder)
    • Political realities (More speeding tickets if there is a speeding problem in town)
    • Abused police discretion
    • ---Corruptions
    • ---Discrimination (race)
  11. How we Police the Police
    • IAB (International Affairs Bureau)
    • Civil Lawsuits
    • Media
  12. IAB (Internal Affairs Bureau) ---Police the Police
    • Experienced police officers
    • Misconduct by other polices (hard to regulate themselves)
    • Code of silence
  13. Code of silence
    You want to guy behind you to protect you like you protect them
  14. Civil lawsuits--- Police the Police
    • People harmed by the police can sue them for violating their rights (Get money)
    • So change policies to prevent from happening again
  15. Media--- Police the Police
    • Bad publicity
    • Social Media
  16. Civilian review boards (CRB)
    • Investigate police misconduct
    • Civilians arresting police officers
    • ---Hard bc how to find neutral person
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