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  1. Prison (Correctional centers)
    • 2/3 prisoners in prison
    • Run by state
    • Larger and in rural areas
    • Have rehab element
    • Mental health and or drug addiction 75%
    • Very expensive and not a lot of room ($45,000 per inmate per yr)

    • Rockefeller law
    • Minimum sentence you have to have
  2. Restorative justice
    Keep violent people in jail longer and nonviolent people get out of jail quicker
  3. Parole
    • Monitor offenders upon their release from jail
    • Sentenced to 10yrs in jail; good person in jail  50-75% (7yrs) done with sentence can get out early -On parole for rest of 3 yrs
    • ---If bad go back to jail
    • Motivates more serious offenders to do better
  4. Probation
    • Monitored by court In lieu of going to jail
    • ---Less serious crime
    • ---Only set to jail if violates probation
    • ---Home arrest
  5. Sentencing
    • Judge job
    • Agreement- plea bargain
    • Does the punishment fit the crime?
    • What is the max/ min sentences?
    • Different sentences (Fine, probation alternative sanction, jail, death penality)
    • --- people in simular situation get simular punishment
  6. Alternative Sanction
    • Rehab
    • community service
    • restitution centers -monitored and money they make given to victim
    • diversionary programs – allow you to get your case dismissed if do everything you are supposed to do (usually first offenders)
  7. How jail sentences imposed?
    • indeterminate sentence
    • legislatively fixed
    • judicially fixed
    • administratively fixed
  8. Indeterminate sentence
    • Range of punishment (5-10 yrs in prison)
    • Not fair bc rich can pay for better lawyer and even though get same sentence rich get out quicker
  9. Legislatively fixed
    Mandatory minimum
  10. Judicially fixed
    • Most common
    • Sentence in range and it is up to the judge to decide where you fall
  11. Administratively fixed
    • Parole Board decides when you get out
    • Usually need to do 50 or 85% of punishment eligible to can get out (on parole)
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