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  1. Prison (Correctional centers)
    • 2/3 prisoners in prison
    • Run by state
    • Larger and in rural areas
    • Have rehab element
    • Mental health and or drug addiction 75%
    • Very expensive and not a lot of room ($45,000 per inmate per yr)
  2. Rockefeller law
    Minimum sentence you have to have
  3. Restorative justice
    Keep violent people in jail longer and nonviolent people get out of jail quicker
  4. Parole
    • Monitor offenders upon their release from jail
    • Sentenced to 10yrs in jail; good person in jail  50-75% (7yrs) done with sentence can get out early -On parole for rest of 3 yrs
    • ---If bad go back to jail
    • Motivates more serious offenders to do better
  5. Probation
    • Monitored by court In lieu of going to jail
    • ---Less serious crime
    • ---Only set to jail if violates probation
    • ---Home arrest
  6. Sentencing
    • Judge job
    • Agreement- plea bargain
    • Does the punishment fit the crime?
    • What is the max/ min sentences?
    • Different sentences (Fine, probation alternative sanction, jail, death penality)
    • --- people in simular situation get simular punishment
  7. Alternative Sanction
    • Rehab
    • community service
    • restitution centers -monitored and money they make given to victim
    • diversionary programs – allow you to get your case dismissed if do everything you are supposed to do (usually first offenders)
  8. How jail sentences imposed?
    • indeterminate sentence
    • legislatively fixed
    • judicially fixed
    • administratively fixed
  9. Indeterminate sentence
    • Range of punishment (5-10 yrs in prison)
    • Not fair bc rich can pay for better lawyer and even though get same sentence rich get out quicker
  10. Legislatively fixed
    Mandatory minimum
  11. Judicially fixed
    • Most common
    • Sentence in range and it is up to the judge to decide where you fall
  12. Administratively fixed
    • Parole Board decides when you get out
    • Usually need to do 50 or 85% of punishment eligible to can get out (on parole)

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