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  1. Capital Punishment
    • Government sponsored death
    • Controversial bc there’s no second chance
    • Most other industrialized westernized country don’t have capital punishment
    • An eye is an eye is justice
    • No way to test who is right
  2. Why do we execute people?
    • Derived from common law
    • It makes us feel good that a bad guy is gone
    • Deterrence --> doesn’t work
    • Person mean or have mental illness?
    • Isolation – ultimate form of isolation
  3. Death Penalty v LIP
    • harsh
    • expensive
    • irreversible
  4. DP vs Life in Prison
    • Harsh
    • less expensive
    • reversible
  5. Who gets death penalty and why?
    • Subjected to abuse
    • Is race a factor ?
    • if victim woman/ child, multiple murders
    • Jurisdiction (What part of US you are from)

    • Constitution says no one should be exposed to cruel and unusual punishment… death penalty
    • -
  6. Furman v Georgia
    Supreme court said all 50 states’ laws on death penalty is unconstitutional but the concept of death penalty is constitutional
  7. Gregg v Georgia
    If you want to have the death penalty you have to come to court and make a new law that complies
  8. Duty of process
    • no one will be denied under the constitution of life, liberty, or property w/ due process
    • property- hearing and opportunity to revert
    • liberty- lock you up- right to trial, attorney, jury, appeal
    • life- most process; many appeals, many attorneys…
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