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  1. What are two problems with many privatized public services?
    • Lack of transparency
    • Cost overruns
  2. Are standardized test "rigorous"? If not why not?
    Not, they don't get at what a child really knows.  To be rigorous if would be necessary to sit down which the child and work with the subject area.
  3. What is the general misconception about what best motivates people in an organization?(such as a business, a school)
    that competition is the best method rather than cooperation.  That extrinsic rewards are the only way to get people to do the job.  Of course some prefer using punishment and threats to get their way
  4. How long does it take to become an expert teacher?
    5-8 years
  5. Name two ways experienced teachers are better at their job than new teachers.
    • 1. They use their experience to identify problems and have a store of knowledge on methods to solve them.
    • 2. They a have an awareness of what's going on in the classroom.
  6. For each $10 million in sales how does Amazon compare with retail shops when it comes to employment?
    Amazon 14 people

    Shops 47 people  over 3:1
  7. How is it a problem that the profit metric as the only measure of the health of society turned into a problem for capitalism?  (remember Campbell's law)
    two things it has distorted the value placed on human life and it is defeating its own purpose by killing demand.
  8. Some more problems with our dependence on the test metric to sum up the learning, ability, and other aspects of human beings.
    It gives a simple answer to a complex question.  What does a person know and what are they capable of learning?
  9. What are the eight goals of public education identified by Rothstein's surveys? Which one of these are evaluated in standardized test?
    • Basic academic skills, critical thinking, the arts and literature, preparation for skilled work, social skills and work ethic, citizenship, physical health, emotional health.
    • #1
  10. What would a well rounded accountability system include?
    A system that judges the school on how well it reaches each of Rothstein's eight goals.
  11. Who are the people that succeed often on standardized test? They are similar to what group?
    The people who design and implement the input(test )
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