The Characteristics of Life

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  1. What is life?
    • Metabolism-carry out chemical reactions to live
    • Reproduction-all living organisms can produce offspring
  2. Continuity of life/ biogenesis?
    All livings things arise from preexisting living things
  3. Five characteristics?
    • Sensitivity
    • Nutrition
    • Organisation
    • Reproduction
    • Excretion
  4. Sensitivity?
    Is the ability of an organism to detect and react to changes in its external and internal environment
  5. Nutrition?
    • The way an organism obtains and uses food
    • Autotroph- makes food
    • Heterotroph-consumes food, unable to make it
  6. Organisation?
    • All living organisms are composed of cells
    • Cells-tissue-organ-system-living organism-population=species-community-biosphere
  7. Reproduction?
    The formation of new living organisms of the same species
  8. Excretion?
    The removal of metabolic waste from the body
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