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  1. Define Libido:
    Sexual desire or drive
  2. Define Impotence:
    a man’s inability to have or maintain an erection
  3. Is Impotence physical or mental?
    Either or both
  4. What natural treatments are rated “Possibly effective” for erectile dysfunction on NMCD?
    DHEA, Ginseng, Panax, Melanotan-II, Propionyl-L-carnitine, Yohimbe
  5. What is the safety and efficacy rating for DHEA (dehydroepaindosterone) in the treatment of ED?
    Possiby Unsafe and possibly effective
  6. Why is DHEA (dehydroepaindosterone) in the treatment of ED considered possibly unsafe?
    May increase risk of prostate and hormone sensitive cancers
  7. How does the NCAA feel about DHEA?
  8. What group is at particular risk and needs monitoring during DHEA (dehydroepaindosterone) in the treatment of ED and what type of monitoring do they require?
    Diabetics, Glucose monitoring
  9. What are the safety and effectiveness ratings for: Panax Ginseng in the treatment of ED?
    Possibly unsafe when used for more than 3 months and possibly effective
  10. Is Panax Ginseng a first line therapy for ED?
  11. What is the dose and dosing interval for Panax Ginseng in the treatment of ED?
    900 mg TID continuously
  12. Is Melanotan-II commonly used for ED?
    No, research purposes only
  13. How is Melanotan administered for ED?
  14. What is the MOA of Melanotan for ED?
    Stimulates melanocytes….?
  15. What side effects are found with Melanotan-II for ED treatment?
    Spontaneous erections
  16. Propionyl L-Carnitine has evidence for use for ED in what particular situation?
    As an adjunct therapy to sildenafil, when sildenafil alone does not improve ED
  17. How should Propionyl L-Carnitine be taken and in what dose?
    2 grams a day with twice weekly sildenafil 50mg
  18. What safety recommendation would you suggest with Yohimbe?
    Medical supervision
  19. What product is available for Libido enhancement?
  20. What is the effectiveness rating for Maca?
    Possibly effective
  21. What are the common symptoms of BPH?
    Decreased urine flow, increased frequency, night waking, incomplete emptying, post urination drip
  22. What pharmaceutical products are available for BPH?
    Beta-sitosterol and pygeum
  23. Does Beta-sitosterol effect prostate size?
  24. Aside from its effects on BPH, what other effects does Beta-sitosterol have?
    Lowers cholesterol
  25. What effects does Beta-sitasterol have on BPH?
    Improves urinary flow and reduces left over urine volume
  26. What are the safety and effectiveness ratings for Pygeum in the treatment of BPH?
    Likely effective and likely safe
  27. What are the possible MOAs for Pygeum in the treatment of BPH?
    1.) Antiproliferative effects on fibroblasts 2.) Reduce cholesterol in prostate, limiting testosterone production 3.)Phytosterols compete with androgen precursors and inhibit prostaglandin biosynthesis 4.) Anti-inflammatory activity in prostate connective tissue
  28. What is the dosing for Pygeum in the treatment of BPH?
    100-200 mg daily in divided doses
  29. What dosage form does Pygeum come in?
    Lipophilic extract
  30. What drug interactions does Pygeum have?
    None known
  31. What are the adverse effects of Pygeum use in BPH treatment?
    Abdominal pain and nausea
  32. Why are pygeum sources threatened?
  33. Harvesting of African Plum
  34. NMCD has changes its rating of Saw palmetto in the treatment of BPH in what way?
    From likely effective to possibly to possibly not effective
  35. Does Saw palmetto reduce prostate size?
  36. Does Saw palmetto reduce prostate specific antigen?
  37. What is the MOA for saw palmetto in the treatment of BPH?
    Antiandrogenic, Antinflammatory, antiproliferative
  38. What is the dosing/interval for Saw palmetto in the treatment of BPH?
    160 mg bID for no more than 52 weeks
  39. What DDIs does saw palmetto have?
    None, only theoretical
  40. What are the side effects of Saw Palmetto?
    Dizziness, increased bleeding duration, N/V, headache and diarrhea
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