Pharmacotherapeutics Intamacy

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  1. What is Next Choice?
    Generic Plan B
  2. What two behavioral actions can increase the success rate of allbirth control methods?
    Perfect use and Combination use
  3. How many people get pregnant within a year if they do not use a contraceptive method?
  4. What is the failure rate of male condoms?
    Typical use: 18%, Perfect use: 2%
  5. What is the failure rate for Spermicide?
    Typical use: 28%, Perfect use: 18%
  6. What is the failure rate of the Standard days method?
    Typical use: 24%, Perfect use: 5%
  7. What is the failure rate of oral contraceptives?
    Typical use: 9%, Perfect use: 0.3%
  8. What is the failure rate of Depoprovera?
    Typical use: 6%, Perfect use: 0.2%
  9. What is the failure rate of IUD/IUCs?
    Typical use: 0.2-0.8%, Perfect use: 0.2-0.6%
  10. What is the failure rate of a Diaphragm?
    Typical use: 12%, Perfect use: 6%
  11. What is the failure rate for Implanon?
    Typical use: 0.05%, Perfect use: 0.05%
  12. What is the failure rate of Female Sterilization?
    Typical use: 0.5%, Perfect use: 0.5%
  13. What is the failure rate of Male sterilization?
    Typical use: 0.15%, Perfect use: 0.10%
  14. What materials can condoms be made from?
    Latex, Synthetics, Lamb skin
  15. What typeof Latex condoms exist?
    Natural, Vytex and Synthetic latex (polyisoprene)
  16. What class of medical device are condoms?
    Class II
  17. What are the labeling requirements for condoms?
    1.) Must have manufacturing date 2.) expiration date on each individual package 3.) latex condoms must have allergy warning 4.) package insert required 5.) Should say something to the effect of preventing pregnancy and disease
  18. What percent of the population is allergic to Latex Condoms?
  19. What type of lubrication is not appropriate for use with Latex Condoms?
    Oil based
  20. What benefits do Vytex condoms have over Latex?
    All positive characteristics of Latex plus reduced allergens and no known carcinogens
  21. Do Polyurathane or Synthetic latex condoms feel better?
    Synthetic latex, softer more natural feel
  22. What type of condoms are SKYN?
    Synthetic latex
  23. How do Synthetic latex condoms compare price wise to polyurethane?
  24. How do Synthetic latex condoms compare in thickness to polyurethane?
    Slightly thicker
  25. What type of lubricants would you use with Synthetic latex condoms?
    Water based lubricants
  26. Why would you choose a polyurethane condom?
    Less allergenic, less temperature and light sensitive, odorless, not degraded by oil products, conducts heat better
  27. Why are polyurethane condoms not as desirable as some others?
    Less stretchy and more expensive than latex, slightly higher breakage and slippage rate than latex
  28. What are the downfalls of Lambskin/Natural membrane condoms?
    No STD protection, more expensive
  29. What are the benefits of Lambskin/Natural membrane condoms?
    Prevent pregnancy, better sensitivity
  30. Do novelty condoms usually also prevent pregnancy and STDs?
    May, often not intended to
  31. What is the single most common cause of condom failure?
    Lack of consistent proper use/operator error
  32. What encompasses Lack of consistent proper use/operator error?
    Old product, risky foreplay, poor withdrawal technique, improper disposal, improper installation, excessive exuberance, unprepared entry
  33. What are the function variations available for male condoms?
    Pre-lubricated, Spermicide treated and reservoir end
  34. Are female condoms popular, why or why not?
    Complicated use, unsightly, expensive, squeaky, ring discomfort and vaginal irritation
  35. When should spermicides be used?
    In conjunction with barrier methods or alone
  36. What ingredients can be used as spermicides?
    Nonoxynol-9, Octoxynol-9, Menfegol
  37. What is the most prevalent spermicide ingredient?
  38. Does Nonoxynol-9 protect against STDs or HIV?
  39. What is Nonoxynol-9?
    A mild chemical detergent that kills sperm
  40. What are the potential side effects of Nonoxynol-9?
    Sensitivity, allergy or local irritation
  41. What dosage forms are available for Spermicides?
    Foams, gels, films and supporitories
  42. Describe the sponge:
    Combines barrier method with spermicide
  43. Where is the sponge placed for use?
    Up against the cervix
  44. What are the assumptions of natural methods of birth control?
    Stable relationship and consistent biological phenomena
  45. What are the benefits of using natural methods of birth control?
    Avoidance of medical complications of drug related methods
  46. What is Creighton Naprotechnology?
    “Natural Procreative Technology” Natural birth control method and female reproductive health system designed at Creighton
  47. What is the birth control success rate of Creighton Naprotechnology use?
  48. Is Douching an effective birth control?
  49. Is abstinence an effective birth control?
    100% effective at perfect use
  50. What is the failure rate of Withdrawal and Lactational Amenorrhea (LAM)?
    25% failure rate
  51. What is the AI and dose of emergency contraceptives?
    Levonorgestrel, 2 - 0.75 mg pills
  52. What are characteristics of good pharmacist –patient interactions about intimacy?
    Tact, professionalism, professional face, careful language, avoiding euphamisms
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