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  1. Ottoman Empire
    Bulgarian history where Bulgaria was turned into the Ottoman Empire from 1453-1878
  2. Thrace
    Southeast region that stretches over Turkey
  3. Pesen
    Song (Bulgarian)
  4. Sedyanki
    Sitting Parties (Bulgarian)
  5. Gaida
    Bagpipe (Bulgarian)
  6. Gadulka
    Pear-shaped lute (bowed instrument)
  7. Kaval
    End-blown flute
  8. Tupan
    Cylindrical Bass drum
  9. Horo
    Circle Dance
  10. Narodna Muzika
    Folk music
  11. Philip Koutev
    Classical composer organized a "State ensemble of folk song and dance"
  12. Obrabotki
    Arrangements (Harmonies added to traditional values)
  13. Ruchenitsa
    Solo or couples dance in 7
  14. Chalga
    Combination of Rome, Serbian, Turkish, Greek, Romanian and Macedonian styles (not so much Bulgarian "instrument" in Turkish
  15. Kyuchek
    A rhythm used on drum D--TD-T-
  16. Nation State
    Political units based on nations group of people that have many similarities which are governed by one person
  17. Nationalism
    People feeling connected to their country being proud of ones' country
  18. Field Recording
    Going to the actual place and taking notes or an archives center
  19. Preservation
    keeping something in good condition
  20. Archive of folk culture
    Collected music from everyone
  21. John Lomax
    Trained in English. Found Leadbelly
  22. Living Lore
    Responsive to the mood at the moment
  23. Social and Individual Creativity
    Casey Jones example: creative man making a chicken dance
  24. Paths of the Tune
    The song can sound the same but it can be completely different lyrically
  25. Presentational Performance
    Entertainment for an audience variation, sonic values, scripted forms, and clear textures
  26. Participatory Performance
    People join in just by walking by a crowd (being intrigued)
  27. bullerengue
    Musical style and dance form from the Carribean
  28. Llamador
  29. Alegre
    Glad, Happy
  30. Gaita
  31. Folklorization
    Learning from the bottom up
  32. Resistance
    Standing for their right to not have something happen
  33. Polyrhythm
    Interplay of different rhythms and meters
  34. Enculturation
    Learning you own culture gradually during chilhood
  35. Kora
    (Instrument) has features of a harp and lute
  36. Griot
    Hereditary mande musicians
  37. Mande
    Large group of people in West Africa
  38. Sub-Saharan
    Region in Africa that is South of the Sahara
  39. Ewe
    Atlantic ccoast of Ghana and Togo
  40. Agbekor
    "clear Life" or enjoying life after suffering
  41. Performance Organization
    Cooperative Societies (fund each other's funerals)
  42. Gankogui
    double bell iron bell
  43. Atsiawo
    Stylized movements (vaguely represented of something else)
  44. Dagbamba
    Tribe that lives in the Northern Part of Ghana
  45. Lunga
    Double-headed hourglass drum with strings to change pitch
  46. Shona
    region around Zimbabwe and South Africa
  47. Chimurenga
    "Struggle" symbolism for the war against the white regime
  48. Bira
    Possession rituals
  49. Mbira
    Instrument with metal keys, soundboard, resonators, and jingles from bottle caps
  50. Hosho
    Pair of gourd rattles
  51. Creative Listening
    Participatory audience (hand clapping)
  52. Polyphony
    Having two or more melodies being played at the same time with a background rhythm
  53. Ekimi
    Silence or ordered sound
  54. Azan/ Adhan
    Call to prayer
  55. Maqam
    Mode collection of pitches
  56. 'Ud
    Short necked-lute (chordophone)
  57. Etic
    (Outsider) perspective
  58. Emic
    (Insider) perspective
  59. Mashriq
    Eastern Arab world
  60. Minaret
    Tower used to call Muslims to prayer
  61. Melisma
    One syllable, but many tones on that one syllable
  62. Qira'at
    Recitation of the Qur'an
  63. Haram
  64. Maqsum
    Rhythm DT-TD-T-
  65. Sa'idi
  66. Malfuf
  67. Qanun
    zither plucked string like a dulcimer
  68. Nay
    Reed flute blown on side
  69. Riqq
  70. Tabla
    Goblet shaped drum
  71. Lyali
    Vocal improvisation (taqasim but vocal)
  72. Taqasim
    Solo instrumental improvisation (play songs people recognize easily)
  73. Mawwal
    Vocal music that is presented before the actual song begins
  74. Varied Repetition
    Plays the same part over but somewhat varied from the original sound
  75. Takht
    "Platform" small ensemble of 4-5 instrumentalists and a singer
  76. Firqa
    Large ensemble, more violins, double bass, and other European/Western instruments
  77. Sama'i
    Listening to music
  78. Tarab
    Musical ecstacy or enchantment
  79. Improvisation vs. composition
    Varied repetition
  80. Qafla
    Low end of scale then go up and all the way back down usually at the end of the song
  81. Thursday Night Concerts
    Social Events (Umm Kulthum)
  82. Nationalism
    (Umm Kulthum) Patriotic feeling and efforts
  83. Ughniyya
    Long song
  84. Sha'abi
    (People) a musical genre that takes form of the working class
  85. Shababi
    (Youth) a musical genre that integrates western popo
  86. Microbus
    Music heard on a small bus like a van
  87. Org
  88. Festival Music
    Youth music
  89. el sur
    "the wall" Anticorruption video and song
  90. Spanish American War
    US vs. Spanish wanting possession
  91. Representation
    someone standing for their state (governor)
  92. Rumba
    Polyrhythm over basic clave rhythm with lead vocalist chorus, three or more percussionists
  93. Canto
    Solo singing of the text
  94. Mantuno
    Call and response section
  95. Cuban son
    Elements of spanish structure and African rhythms
  96. Bongos
    Two small drums played with hands
  97. Claves
    Two wooden sticks
  98. Marimbula
    Like a mbira
  99. Tres
    Three paired strings on a guitar
  100. Guiro
    Instrument with rough edges, stroke with a stick
  101. Plena
    Genre of music with a chant (tells a story)
  102. Pandereta
    Type of tambourine
  103. Colloquial
    informal conversation
  104. Mambo
    Ostinatos, arrangements, improvisation (influenced by jazz)
  105. Ostinato
    repeated pattern of a melody
  106. Tumbao
    Repeated patter underneath (ostinato with the chord progressions)
  107. Salsa
    Dance Craze with a son structure
  108. Fania Records
    Willie Colon (arranger) sought out local talent recorded live in the studio, formed the fania all-stars
  109. Willie Colon
    Arranger of fania records
  110. Timbales
    Two drums and cowbells on top
  111. Expressive Liberation
    Refuge from reality
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