apprentice test 2

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  1. What does the triangle-shaped handle on a cylinder indicate?
    overfill protection device (OPD)
  2. oil-based liquids including gasoline, kerosene, diesel
  3. distilled products.  mix well with water (alcohol, acetone...)
    polar solvents
  4. what can be used to put out class B fires?
    Co2, dry chem, and water (if fuel has high flash point)
  5. how do you extinguish 3-dimensional fire?
    dry chem first to put out fire then foam to cool and secure situation
  6. T/F Foam is not effective on products that are above their boiling point at normal temps and pressures
  7. T/F Foam is effective on Class D fires
    F  if chemical ends in -ide of -ium, water is not your chum
  8. Type of foam used for subsurface injection at bulk tank fires
  9. Effective foam on hydrocarbons
  10. Foam proportioning can take place through:
    • induction
    • injection
    • premixing
    • batch mixing
  11. what is the max length of hose (generally) permitted after the eductor?
  12. what is the max length of the eductor pick up tube?
  13. what are the 3 foam application techniques?
    • bank down
    • roll on
    • snowstorm
  14. what is the NFPA 11 recommendation for application rate of foam?
    .10 gpm/sq. foot
  15. Min GPM for residential fires-
    commercial fires-
    • 150
    • 250
  16. What is the working line?
    the first 50' of hose at the door
  17. Whose job is it to clear the bed of hose?
    Door man
  18. The well hole stretch will use 1 length of hose for how many stories of a stairwell?
  19. Siamese connection to a standpipe is known as what?
    FDC (Fire dept. connection)
  20. What are the 4 methods of interior attack?
    • Direct
    • Indirect
    • Modified Direct
    • Combination
  21. Where do you open up a structure to check for extension in overhaul?
    interior walls and ceiling (sometimes floor)
  22. How does foam work to extinguish a fire?
    cooling and smothering
  23. According to policy, where should Rx begin?
    • known location (obvious rx)
    • most threatened (fire floor)
    • above
    • largest group
    • remainder of bldg
    • exposure
  24. What constitutes a high rise according to policy?
    • 75'
    • 5 stories or more
  25. type of material known as "solid gasoline"
  26. flow at which an engine company wins the battle
    critical flow rate
  27. Water absorbs additional 970 BTUs when it turns to steam at 212 degrees. This is known as what?
    latent head of vaporization
  28. How much does water expand when it turns to steam?
    1700 times
  29. Nozzle reaction is a function of what 2 factors?
    flow rate and nozzle pressure
  30. What is the optimal level for nozzle reaction
    45-75 lbs
  31. what is the practical flow limit for 1.75" hose?
  32. What are the 3 types of spray?
    • solid
    • straight
    • fog
  33. ____is AKA the constant pressure nozzle
  34. Nozzle types in order of complexity
    • smooth bore
    • constant gallonage
    • adjustable gallonage
    • automatic (constant pressure)
  35. ADULTS stands for what?
    • Advanced fire on arrival
    • Defensive Operations
    • Unable to determine extent
    • Large, uncompartmented areas
    • Tons of water needed
    • Standpipe operations
  36. How much does water expand at 1,000 degrees?
    4000 times
  37. Rapidly moving smoke is the result of what?
    higher heat=higher pressure
  38. Portable monitors that are always used on the ground are called what?
    deluge guns
  39. Bresnan distributors are primarily used where?
    basement fires
  40. Rate of rise detectors are almost always linear or spot?
    spot detectors
  41. Ionization detectors are always spot or linear?
  42. light obscuration detectors are spot or linear?
  43. sprinkler type where heads are always open. All heads flow at the same time
  44. uses elements of deluge and dry pipe systems. 
    Minimizes water damage
    Relies on another detection system
  45. Pressure regulating valves are required on systems pressurized at what psi?
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