Why We Talk

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  1. Protolanguage
    The tree of language and how languages have branched off from previous languages forming language families
  2. Pragmatics
    A study of language that looks at how context affects meaning of language
  3. Lexicon
    Words within a language
  4. William Jones
    Noticed Latin and Greek came from Sanscrit
  5. Derivation
    Forming a word from another word
  6. Saussure
    • A father of linguistics
    • Said language was arbitrary so all languages work in a similar way
  7. Niche Construction
    When animal alters environment to make it livable
  8. Pidgin
    A language that is used between two people that don't speak the same official language
  9. Meme
    A cultural gene
  10. Neuronal recycling
    Allows humans to acquire new information and adapt to evolving language
  11. Monogenesis
    Theory that all humans are decedents from a single pair of ancestors
  12. Polygenesis
    Theory that all humans come from multiple ancestors
  13. Semantics
    Study of language that focuses on meanings
  14. Morphology
    The study of how language has changed through the years
  15. Ethology
    The study of animal behavior
  16. Archaeology of Cognition
    The study of how ancestors thought based on archeological evidence
  17. Phonology
    The study of the organization of sounds within language
  18. Syllable
    Way of organizing sound patterns within a word
  19. Collocation
    Words that can be replaced by another word that means the same thing
  20. Syntax
    Arranging words and phrases to form sentences
  21. Cultural learning
    How cultures pass down certain things such as language
  22. Acheulean technology
    A stone tool technology found with homo erectus
  23. Altriciality
    Needing to be nourished after birth
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