Unit 5: inference and explanation stage

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  1. In the Description stage, what is the dif between using a population vs using a sample?
    • Population:
    • -accurate
    • -usually too expensive
    • -usually takes too long
    • -usually bigger than needed

    • sample:
    • -usually contains error
    • -can be affordable
    • -can take little time
    • -can be just the right size
  2. What are the 3 steps of the Central limit theory?
    1- theoretically, a large sample of any descriptive statistic will be normally distributed. 

    2- theoretically, the mean of this distribution is the population descriptive statistic

    3- if a sample descriptive statistic is close to the mean of this theoretical distribution, there is a good chance it is the population descriptive statistic.
  3. What is statistical significance?
    The amount of risk a researcher takes when deciding to accept or reject the null hypothesis


    The probability that a researcher will reject the null hypothesis when it is actually true.

    • significance level: p< .05 
    • p = probabilitiy
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