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Zangfu pathologies of the Spleen
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  1. Sp qi deficiency
    poor appetite, feel worse after meals, abd distension especially after meals, like pressure, loose stools, difficult stools, fatigue, lassitude, desire to lie down, pale/sallow complexion, sob, weak limbs, edema, emaciate/obese

    • T: pale (swollen w/ teethmarks), thin white coat
    • P: weak, soft, moderate (Sp position)
  2. Sp yang deficiency
    qi deficiency signs, dull cold abd pain, aggravated by cold/hunger, alleviated by warmth, diarrhea w/ undigested food, clear urine, pale/sallow complexion, av to cold, cold limbs, vertigo, weak limbs, copious clear/thin leakorrhea/vomit, lying curled up, edema

    • T: pale (swollen & teethmarks, moist), thin white coat
    • P: weak, deep, slow (sp position)
  3. Sp qi sinking
    bearing down sensation in abd, prolapse of stomach/uterus/anus/bladder, varicose veins, dizzy, chronic loose stools, diarrhea, bleeding or leukorrhea, extreme fatigue, worse after eating, frequent & urgent urination, turbid urine, weak body

    • T: pale
    • P: feeble, soft moderate, no upper guan when St prolapse
  4. Sp qi deficiency bleeding
    blood spots under skin (purpa), blood in urine or stools, xs uterine bleeding, qi def symptoms

    • T: pale
    • P: thready or weak
  5. Sp cold damp
    poor appetite, abd & epig fullness, feeling of cold in epigastric, improve with heat, heaviness of head & body, sweet or no taste in mouth, sticky saliva, no thirst, loose stools, lassitude, fatigue, nausea, edema, dull-white complexion, excessive white vaginal discharge

    • T: pale & large, sticky thick coat
    • P: slow & slippery/soggy
  6. Sp damp heat
    epig/abd pain & fullness, poor appetite, heavy body, heavy head, thirst but no desire, N&V, loose stools (may be burning), dull aching heavy head, sallow complexion, oily sweat, bitter taste, itchy skin/eruptions, fever not relieved by sweat, burning in anus, feeling of heat, scanty dark urine, low fever, foul stool, bright yellow complexion, yellow eyes, 

    • T: red, sticky yellow coat
    • P: slippery, soft, rapid