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  1. Sp & Hr blood deficiency
    palpitations, dizziness, insomnia, dream disturbed sleep, poor memory, anxiety, easily startled, dull pale complexion, pale lips, fatigue, weak muscles, loose stools, poor appetite, scanty periods

    • T: pale, thin
    • P: choppy, thready
  2. Sp & Lu qi deficiency
    poor appetite, slight abd distention after eating, fatigue, lassitude, pale, weak limbs, loose stools, tendency for obesity, sob, cough, weak voice, spont. day time sweat, dislike speaking, easily catch colds, av to cold

    • T: pale
    • P: deficient (esp on right side)
  3. Sp qi & Lv blood deficiency
    poor appetite, slight abd distention after eating, tiredness, lassitude, dull-pale complexion, weak limbs, loose stool, thin body, scanty periods, amenhorrea, insomnia, dizziness, numb/tingling limbs, blurred vision, floaters in eyes, bad night vision, pale lips, muscular weakness, cramps, withered & brittle nails, dry hair & skin, slight depression, feeling of aimlessness

    • T: pale esp sides, dry
    • P: choppy, thready
  4. obstruction of Sp by damp with Lv qi stagnation
    feeling of oppression & fullness in epigastric, nausea, lack of appetite, loose stools, feeling heavy, dry mouth but no desire to drink, sallow complexion, hypochondriac pain, bitter taste, sticky taste, epigastric & hypochondrial distention, irritability

    • T: thick sticky yellow coat
    • P: slippery-wiry
  5. Lu & Hr qi deficiency
    sob, cough, weak voice, dislike speaking, bright-white complexion, easily catch colds, fatigue, palpitations, depression, spontaneous sweat, sighing

    • T: pale
    • P: deficient (esp on front positions)
  6. Ki & Lv yin deficiency
    dizziness, tinnitus, hard of hearing, lower backache, dull occipital/vertical headache, insomnia, numbing or tingling of limbs, dry eyes, blurred vision, dry throat, dry hair/skin, brittle nails, dry vagina, night sweating, dry stools, nocturnal emissions, scantly menstruation, amenorrhea

    • T: normal color, w/o coat or rootless coat
    • P: floating-deficient, thready rapid
  7. Ki & Hr not harmonized (Ki yin fail nourish Hr yin)
    palpitations, mental restlessness, insomnia, dream disturbed sleep, anxiety, poor memory, dizziness, tinnitus, hard of hearing, lower backache, nocturnal emissions w/ dreams, feeling of heat in evening, dry throat at night, thirst with sips, night sweat, 5 centre heat, scanty dark urine, dry stool

    • T: red with redder tip, w/o coat, midline Hr crack
    • P: ¬†floating-deficient, rapid, deep-weak on both rear positions
  8. Ki & Lu yin deficiency
    dry cough worse in evening, dry throat & mouth, thin body, breathlessness on exertion, lower backache, night sweat, dizziness, tinnitus, hard of hearing, scanty urination

    • T: normal colour, no coat or rootless coating
    • P: floating-deficient, thready rapid
  9. Ki & Sp yang deficiency
    LBP, cold/weak knees, cold sensation in back, feeling cold, weak legs, bright-white complexion, impotence, premature ejaculation, lower sperm count, cold thin sperm, decreased libido, tiredness, lassitude, abundant clear urine, scanty clear urination, urination at night, apathy, edema of legs, infertility, loose stool, depression, poor appetite, slight abd distention, desire to lie down, early morning diarrhea, chronic diarrhea

    • T: pale & wet
    • P: deep-weak
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