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  1. which gene mutations have an increase risk in breast cancer
    • BRCA1 (chrom 17)
    • BRCA2 (chrom 13)
  2. BRCA1 mutation has a high risk in which type of cancer
    overian cancer
  3. TP53 and PTEN mutations lead to
    • Li freumeni syndrome
    • cowden syndrome
    • brr syndrome
  4. where does erlotinib and situximab work
    epidermal growth factor receptor
  5. HER2/neu gene amplification is measured by which tests
    • IHC
    • FISH (florescent insitu hyberdization)
  6. pt with a 3+ IHC score is a good candidate for
    HER2/neu tx
  7. IHC stands for
    immunohisto chemistry
  8. what is the gold standard dx for breast cancer
    core needle biopsy
  9. which dx has no false negatives for breast cancer
    excisional biopsy
  10. what is bilateral oophrectomy
    remove both ovaries
  11. what are breast cancer prevention methods
    • prophylactic mastecomies
    • bilateral oophrectomy
  12. tamoxifen
  13. raloxifen
  14. examustane
  15. drugs used in the tx and prevention of breast cancer
    • tamoxifen¬†
    • exemustane
  16. which drug is used for just prevention
  17. drugs used for post menapause
    • raloxifen
    • examustane
  18. drugs used for pre/post menapausal
  19. treatment of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS)
    • local excision + XRT (external beam radiation)
    • tamoxifen for ER/PR +
  20. treatment for high risk lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS)
    bilateral mastectomy
  21. duration of therapy for a pt with HR + DCIS
    5 years
  22. early stage breast cancer surgery options
    • total mastectomy¬†
    • BCT
    • sentinel lymph node dissection
  23. BCT is followed by
    radiation (XRT)
  24. when should breast cancer pts who recieved a mastectomy get XRT
    • positive surgival margins
    • tumor > 5 cm
    • > 4 axillary LN
  25. what is the XRT for total mastectomy + ALND pts with - axillary LN and tumor < 5cm and margins < 1 mm
    no XRT
  26. XRT for pt who recieved a lumpectom + ALND and has + axillary LN
    XRT to whole breast + supraclavicular area
  27. what is the XRT tx for a total mastecomy pt with - axillary LN and tumor > 5 cm or + margins
    XRT chest wall +/- supraclavicular area
  28. what is the XRT tx for a total mastectomy + ALND pt with > 4 + axillary LN
    XRT to chest wall + supraclavicular area
  29. MOA of pertuzimab
    moniclonal antibody that inhibits dimerization
  30. MOA of trastuzimab
    HER2/neu receptor antagonist
  31. what does neoadjuvant mean
    before surgery
  32. what does FEC stand for
    • 5 fluorouracil
    • epirubicin
    • cyclophosphamide
  33. what does TCH stand for
    • doxetaxel
    • carboplatin
    • herseptin
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