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  1. Consuelo "Connie" Ramos
    Middle-aged, Hispanic woman with a troubled history including violence and substance abuse
  2. Luciente
    Androgynous embodiment of all the positive values Connie believes are missing in her life; Luciente gets jealous when Jackrabbit becomes involved with Bolivar and they have a "worming" a kind of group therapy
  3. Dolly
    Connie's niece, the daughter of her brother Luis; she is addicted to drugs and to men; loves Connie but is weakly unable and/or unwilling to stand up for her and/or help her in any meaningful way
  4. Geraldo
    Dolly's pimp, a violent controlling man who threatens violence to both Donny and Connie if they don't do as he says; he can be seen as representative of the kind of controlling, violent authority figure that Connie becomes so determined to rebel
  5. Angelina
    Connie's daughter, never actually appears in the novel, but the memory of her and hope for her are both powerful motivators for Connie; Angelina's childish and lonely temper was the trigger for the explosion of physical violence that sent Connie into psychiatric care for the first time and Angelina into adoption
  6. Dawn
    young girl from the Mattapoisett community in the future who Connie believes strongly resembles Angelina, on the occasions when Dawn appears, Connie has difficult believing that Angelina and Dawn are different people, Luciente's daughter
  7. Matepoisette society
    using technology achieve population control, racial equality and gender equality, zero population growth
  8. Terrorist Connie?
    She arguably becomes a terrorist, she targets the doctors who are engaged in this experiment of putting electronics in their brain; she poisons their coffeepot and witnesses four stretchers carrying people out
  9. High Energy Path
    if we take a high energy path, which includes things like nuclear power, fossil fuels, and huge damns, centralized modes of energy production, vulnerable to attack, needs to be physically protected
  10. Low Energy Path
    Decentralized power structure both economically and politically, low energy paths include include things like solar, wind, biomass, far less vulnerable because to bring such a society to its knees you'd have to destroy 100 million windmills
  11. Swadeshi
    extremely decentralized power structure, local self-sufficiency, whatever is made or produced in the village must be used first and foremost by the members of the village, avoids economic dependence on external market forces that could make the village community vulnerable.
  12. Just War 1
    War is just if it is fought for a just cause, either in self-defense or to defend the oppressed/people
  13. Just War 2
    As recognized by a legitimate authority-back in the day it was the Pope, today it's the UN by itself, some countries will say I'm the legitimate authority
  14. Just War 3
    In a context where it is as a last resort, (you need to try other things first)
  15. Just War 4
    using proportionate force-only enough to achieve your limited objectives
  16. Just War 5
    in a discriminate manner-intent has to be to target military targets, if headquarters are near a hospital, it's not a war crime unless you intentionally target the hospital, collateral damage is allowed, as long as your intention was to hit a military target, otherwise it's indiscriminate (effectively that's what terrorism is)
  17. Just War 6
    without widespread or long-term ecodestruction because we do have to live on this world together; chemical and biological weapons have almost been viewed as unacceptable
  18. "Just War"
    current UN standards-roots from people like St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas in the 12th century AD, Muhammad in the 8th century AD--biggest contributors to Just War theory
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