Chapter 5 - Identifying Customer Needs

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  1. What are the steps of the process for identifying customer needs?
    • Gather raw data
    • Interpret data
    • Create hierarchy of needs
    • Establish relative importance of the needs
    • Reflect
  2. What are three methods for gathering raw data from customers?
    • Interview
    • Focus groups
    • Observing the product in use
  3. How many customers does a focus group contain?
    8 to 12
  4. Needs can be identified more efficiently by interviewing ___.
    Lead users
  5. What are lead users?
    customers who experience needs months or years ahead of the majority
  6. A ___ is useful for planning exploration of both market and customer variety
    customer selection matrix
  7. What are the five guidelines for writing need statements?
    • Express the need in terms of what the product has to do, not in terms of how it might do it
    • Express the need as specifically as the raw data
    • Use positive, not negative, phrasing
    • Express the need as an attribute of the product
    • Avoid the words "must" and "should"
  8. Primary needs are more ___, secondary needs are more ___.
    general, detailed
  9. What is the outcome of establishing the relative importance of needs?
    A numerical importance weighting for a subset of the needs
  10. What are the basic approaches for establishing the relative importance of the needs?
    • Relying on the consensus of the team members based on their experience with customers
    • Basing the importance assessment on further customer surveys
  11. What is the trade-off between the two approaches of establishing the relative importance of customer needs?
    cost and speed versus accuracy

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Identifying Customer Needs
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