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  1. Lv qi stagnation
    hypochondriac fullness & pain, feeling of distention, fidgeting, irritable, abd pain & cramps, chest pain, plum pit, depression, melancholy, sigh, fluctuating mental state, symptoms aggravated by emotional state, freq sighing, irregular periods, distention of breast before periods

    • T: normal (red sides)
    • P: wiry (left side)
  2. Lv blood stagnation
    stabbing fixed pain below diaphragm, hematemesis, epistaxis, purple nails & lips, purple or dark complexion, dry skin (when severe), purple petechiae (spots), painful periods, irregular periods, dark clotted menstrual blood, infertility, abd masses (fixed)

    • T: purple (sides)
    • P: wiry, tense, choppy
  3. Lv damp heat
    fullness of hypochondria/abd/epig, bitter/sticky taste, poor appetite, nausea, heaviness, yellow vaginal discharge, vaginal itching, vulvar eczema/sores, mid-cycle bleeding & pain, scrotal pain, redness & swelling, genital papular/vesicular skin rashes & itching, urinary difficulty, burning urination, dark urine, dysuria

    • T: red(sides), sticky yellow coat
    • P: slippery, wiry, rapid
  4. cold in Lv meridian
    fullness & distention of hypogastrium, pain refers down to scrotum & testis & upward to hypochondria, alleviate by warmth, straining of testis or contraction of scrotum, vertex headache, feeling cold, cold hands & feet, dry vomiting or vomit clear watery fluid, vaginal shrinking

    • T: pale, wet, white coat
    • P: deep, wiry, slow/tense
  5. Lv fire
    hypochondria burning pain, irritability, restless, red eyes & face, temporal headache or migraine, vertigo, sudden deafness/tinnitus, bitter taste, thirst, dream disturbed sleep, swollen ears, ear infection, discharge from eyes, breast lumps, epistaxis, hematemesis, hemoptysis, swollen itchy vulva/genital, sweating discharge from vagina, vomit bitter water, painful urination, constipation with dry stool, dark yellow urine

    • T: red (sides), dry yellow coat
    • P: excessive, wiry, rapid
  6. Lv blood deficiency
    dizziness, numbness or tingling in limbs, insomnia, dull-pale complexion, pale lips, muscular weakness, cramps, dry hair & skin, depression, listless, muscular spasms, blurred vision, dry eyes, floaters, bad night vision, scanty mensturation, amenorrhea, withered brittle nails

    • T: pale (esp sides), severe orange, thin, dry
    • P: choppy or thready
  7. Lv yin deficiency
    lustreless dull-pale complexion w/ malar flush, very dry hair & skin, tidal fever, hyponchondriac dull burning pain, blurred vision, floaters in eyes, dry eyes, diminished night vision, scanty mensturation, amenorrhea, withered brittle nails, tremor of hands or feet, dizziness, numbness or tingling in limbs, insomnia, muscular weakness, cramps, depression, listless

    • T: normal, no coat or rootless coat
    • P: floating, deficient, thready rapid
  8. Hyper Lv yang
    headache behind eyes, temporal or lateral side of head, throbbing headache, dizziness, tinnitus, deafness, blurred vision, bloodshot eyes, flushed face, dry mouth & throat, insomnia, dream disturbed sleep, irritable, worked up, propensity to anger outbursts, heavy head & light feet

    • T: red, thin coat (varies)
    • P: wiry, rapid, forceful/thready
  9. Lv wind syndromes
    blood def, yin def, hyper lv yang, fire

    general wind symptoms: tremor, tic, numbness, dizziness, vertigo, headache, convulsions, paralysis, tremor
  10. Gb qi deficiency
    easily startled, insomnia, nervous, lack courage, indecision, sighing, wake up early in morning, restless dreams, dizziness, blurred vision, floaters

    • T: pale/normal, thin greasy coat
    • P: weak, wiry, thready
  11. Gb phlegm
    jaundice, dull yellow eyes, hyponchondrial fullness, pain & distention, N&V, vomit bitter water, inability to digest fat, turbid urine, lack of thirst,sticky or bitter taste, dull headache, tinnitus, deaf, blur, palpitations,feeling heavy, emotions, insomnia, mania

    • T: thick sticky coat,unilateral or bilateral strips
    • P: slipper, wiry
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Zangfu pathologies of Liver
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