Geology Final Exam: Intro to the Earth

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  1. How old is the Earth?
    4.6 billion years
  2. What are the 3 primary layers of the Earth defined by composition?
    • Crust
    •     -Ocean(Basalt)
    •     -Continental(Granite)
    • Mantel
    •     -Peridotite
    • Core
    •     -Iron & Nickel
  3. What are the 5 main layers of the Earth defined by physical properties?
    • Lithosphere - Solid Rock
    • Astenosphere - Melting
    • Mezosphere - Solid
    • Outercore - Liquid
    • Innercore - Solid
  4. List, describe, and give examples of the 3 rock types.
    • Igneous - Rocks that form as magma cools and crystallizes.
    •      -Granite, Peridotite

    • Sedimentary - Formed by the lithification of sediments
    •       -Sandstone, Limestone, Shale

    • Metamorphic - Formed from preexisting rocks by metamorphism(high temperature pressure)
    •        -Marble(Limestone), Slate(Shale)
  5. Draw the rock cycle.
    Magma>Cooling and Crystallization>Igneous Rocks>Weathering and Erosion>Sediments>Lithification(Compaction and Cementation)>Sedimentary Rocks>Metamorphism(High Temperature Pressure)>Metamorphic Rocks>Melting
  6. Define uniformitarianism?
    The geologic processes we see in action on Earth today have worked in much the same way throughout the geologic past.

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Geology Final Exam: Intro to the Earth
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Final Exam for Geology: Introduction to the Earth
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