Chapter 18 - Managing Projects

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  1. Dependencies impose a sequential order in which ___ tasks must be completed.
  2. Parallel tasks are tasks which are ___ on the same tasks but ___ on the other
    dependent, independent
  3. Coupled tasks requires the ___ other other tasks in order to be completed
  4. Couple tasks are mutually ___.
  5. A tool for representing and analyzing tasks dependencies is a ___.
    Design structure matrix
  6. Reading across a row of a DSM reveals all of the tasks whose ___ is required to perform the task
  7. Reading down a column of a DSM reveals which tasks ___ information from the tasks corresponding to that column.
  8. A mark appear above the diagonal on a DSM means that:
    An earlier task is dependent on a later task
  9. Changing the order of tasks on a DSM is known as
    sequencing or partitioning
  10. In a DSM, two or more tasks are parallel if there are
    no marks linking them
  11. A traditional tool for representing the timing of tasks is known as ___.
    a Gantt chart
  12. A delay in any ___ task will result in a delay in the entire project duration.
  13. The longest chain of dependent events is known as the ___.
    critical path
  14. The minimum number of people required on the project team can be estimated by dividing the total estimated time to complete the tasks by the ___.
    planned project duration
  15. What are common milestones to be used as anchor points for scheduling?
    • Design reviews
    • Comprehensive prototypes
    • Trade shows
  16. What are four major budget items?
    • Staff
    • Materials and services
    • Project-specific facilities
    • Spending on outside development resources
  17. What are guidelines (which apply to the project as a whole) for accelerating projects?
    • Start the project early
    • Manage the project scope
    • Facilitate the exchange of essential information
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