Geology Final Exam: Minerals

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  1. Define the term mineral. (5 parts)
    • Naturally Occurring
    • Inorganic
    • Solid
    • Orderly Crystalline Structure
    • Definite and Specific Chemical Composition
  2. Define the term rock.
    Consolidated mixture of minerals and mineral-like substances.
  3. List 7 or 8 primary physical properties commonly used to identify minerals?
    • Color
    • Clarity
    • Streak
    • Luster
    • Crystal Form
    • Hardness
    • Tenacity
    • Cleavage
    • Fracture
  4. Define the mineral property Color.
    Often unreliable
  5. Define the mineral property Clarity.
    Transparent, Translucent, or Opaque
  6. Define the mineral property Steak.
    Color of the mineral in it's powdered form.
  7. Define the mineral property Luster.
    How a mineral reflects light (Metallic or Non-Metallic).
  8. Define the mineral property Crystal Form.
    External expression of the orderly internal arrangement of atoms.
  9. Define the mineral property Hardness.
    Resistance to abrasion or scratching.
  10. Define the mineral property Tenacity.
    Resistance to breaking.
  11. Define the mineral property Cleavage.
    Tendency to beak along planes of weak bonding.

    • 1) Number of Planes
    • 2)Angle at which the planes meet(90 or not at 90 degrees)
  12. Define the mineral property Fracture.
    Don't break along planes when broken.
  13. What is the most common group of minerals?
  14. What is the basic building block of the silicate mineral group?
    Silica tetrahedron
  15. List several minerals within the dark silicate groups.
    • Olivine
    • Pyroxene
    • Amphibole
    • Biotite
  16. List several minerals within the light silicate groups.
    • Muscovite
    • Clay
    • Feldspars
    • Quartz
  17. What is the most common silicate mineral?
  18. List, and give examples, of 6 classes of non-silicate minerals
    • Carbonates (Calcite)
    • Halites (Halite)
    • Oxcides (Hemitite)
    • Sulfides (Pyrite, Gypsom)
    • Native Elements (Silver, Gold)
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