Geology Final Exam: Igneous Rocks

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  1. Define Phanoritic
    Visible Large Crystals
  2. Define Aphonitic
    Not Visible Small Crystals
  3. Define Porphoritic
    Both Large and Small Crystals

    Magma chambers moves as it cools toward the surface
  4. Define Glassy
    • Made up of Silica, cools rapidly
    • No Crystals
  5. Define Pyroclastic
    • Fragments of rock from a volcanic eruption
    • Chucks of ash
  6. Define Pagmatitic
    Super Large Crystals (greater than one centimeter)
  7. Describe the four compositional classifications of igneous rocks.
    • Felsic (Granitic)
    • High in silica (less that 25% dark silicates)

    • Intermediate (Andesitic)
    • Mix of Felsic and Mafic (25% - 45% dark silicates)

    • Mafic (Basaltic)
    • Rich in iron and magnesium (45%-85% dark silicates)

    • Ultramafic
    • Less than 10% feldspar (greater than 85% dark silicates)
  8. What is decompression melting?
    The spontaneous melting of rising mantle material as it reaches a level where pressure decreases below a critical point, without the introduction of any additional heat.
  9. Describe the Bowen’s reaction series.
    Model that predicts the order minerals crystallize.

    • Olivine
    • Pyroxene
    • Amphibole
    • Biotite Mica
    • Potassium Feldspar
    • Muscovite Mica
    • Quartz
  10. What is partial melting?
    Incomplete melting of rock
  11. In general, do you expect magma to be more felsic or more mafic than the rock from which it melted?
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