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  1. General developments that occurred during the Greek Dark Ages included..
    settlement of the Dorian Greeks, development of the polis, evolution of competition
  2. Greek woman's primary duties were..
    keep house, raise children
  3. During the Greek Dark Ages, how did Greek political organization evolve?
    monarch to aristocracy
  4. Which Greek gods'shrines and festivals attracted attention from throughout Greece?
    Apollo, Zeus
  5. Which of these cultural attributes did the Greeks assimilate from non-Greeks?
    Coinage, Alphabet, Eastern artistic styles
  6. What was packed mass of Greek heavily armed infantrymen called?
  7. During the Archaic Age, how did Greek political organization evolve?
    aristocracy to oligarchy, aristocracy to tyranny
  8. During the Archaic age, what was the illegal ruler discontented groups of Greeks sponsored known as?
  9. Spartan militaristic way of life included which of these attributes?
    Athletic training for girls, inspections of infants at birth, life in military barracks for boys and men
  10. what was the spartan way of life designed to do?
    prevent revolts by the helots
  11. What did the law code of the Athenian lawgiver Draco provide?
    established a court to try murder cases, allowed debtors to be enslaved
  12. which athenians had full citizen rights, including the right to speak in the Assembly?
    All mall citizens over thirty years of age
  13. When Persians invaded Greece in 480 b.c., who opposed them?
    Sparta and its allies, Athens and its allies
  14. What were the "wooden walls" the Oracle at Delphi had said would protect Athens later understood to mean?
    The Athenian navy
  15. What were the contributions provided by the members of the Delian League used for by the Athenians?
    Pay for Athenian building projects, Pay for the Athenian democracy
  16. What kinds of factors characterized ancient Macedonia?
    lives of hunting drinking and blood feuds, retention of monarchy, need to build a powerful army
  17. Alexander the Great defeated the Persians at what battles?
    Gaugamela, Issus, Granicus
  18. Alexanders empire included which river valleys?
    Nile, Tigris and Euphraties, Indus
  19. What methods did Alexander use to try to unify his empire?
    Marriages between Greeks and Persians, Founding colonies, Adopting Persian methods of administration
  20. Which of these families took control of parts of Alexanders empire?
    Antigonids, Ptolemies, Seleucids
  21. What was the university established in Alexandria by the Ptolemies called?
  22. Who told accounts of sea voyages about encounters with strange peoples and places?
    Nearchus, Hanno, Pytheas
  23. What term represents mixing together aspects of different cultures?
  24. On what did the philosopher Aristotle base his method for understand the world?
    logic, observation, common sense
  25. What was the Hellenistic scientist Aristarchus known for?
    Suggesting that the Earth revolved around the sun
  26. Inventor Hero of Alexandria created machines that...
    anticipated the jet engine, measured distances along roads
  27. In the Hellenistic Age, people sought supernatural guidance and assistance by using which of the following?
    magical spells, astrology
  28. Initiation into a mystery cult involved participation in..
    purification ritual, performance that explained life and death
  29. which philosophical systems helped people find their place in the universe?
    cynicism, stoicism, epicureanism
  30. which groups of Hellenistic Jews had rather different views about how to relate to the world?
    pharisees, hasidim, sadducees
  31. Which people brought civilization to the city of Rome?
  32. Romans believed that the three roman tribes had originated from which peoples?
    etruscans, latins, italians
  33. what was the social institution that bound the roman people together known as?
    patron-client relationship
  34. what types of early roman marriage existed?
  35. What were the duties of the Censor?
    appointing members of the senate, assessing property values for taxation
  36. Which of these things characterized the Conflict of the Orders?
    Constant resistance from patricians, plebeian threats to secede, gain glory for roman consuls
  37. What were reasons the Romans went to war during the Republic?
    fear of strong neighbors, gain glory for roman consuls,support their allies
  38. What was Hannibals strategy during the Second Punic War?
    Break up Romes Italian alliance
  39. The financial opportunities creaedt by Roman expansion led to the growth of what Roman social classes?
  40. Which of these types of literature did the Romans adopt from the Greeks?
    history, drama, philosophy
  41. What were the primary responsibilities of governors of Roman provinces?
    collect taxes, provide defense, oversee the administration of justice
  42. What was the plan of Tiberius Gracchus for ending the military recruitment crisis?
    distribute public land to landless plebeians to make them eligible for army service
  43. Who was the senatorial arm general who first used his army to seize control of Rome?
  44. Who were the members of the First Triumvirate?
    Crassuse, Pompey, Caesar
  45. Who was the final winner of the Republican civil wars?
  46. In order to gain the support of the Senate, Augustus claimed that he..
    had restored the Roman Republic, Was working in partnership with the Senate, Was just another senator
  47. What powers did Augustus and later emperors use to rule the roman Empire?
    power of a proconsul, power of a tribune
  48. What means did Augustus use to encourage the people in the provinces to identify with rome?
    grants of roman citizenship, opportunity to serve in the army, cult of Rome and Augustus
  49. In order to show his commitment to Roman tradition, Augustus..
    campaigned against sexual immortality, remodeled many ancient roman buildings, sponsored literature that portrayed him as a leader appointed by the gods
  50. newly appointed emperors were expect to distribute an offering of gold coins to the soldiers for what purpose?
  51. Which emperors violated Augustus's policy for no more expansion?
    Claudius, Trajan
  52. Typical roman cities around the empire contained which of these amenities?
    theaters, amphitheaters, aqueducts
  53. What was the land that senators consolidated into large estates called?
  54. The sun god was worshiped in which of these forms?
    Unconquered Sun, Apollo, Jupiter
  55. What were the guidelines for the jewish way of life known as?
  56. Jesus of Nazareth taught that..
    kingdom of god was open to all, the old jewish covenant had been replaced by a new covenant based on faith, people with high social status did not have special privileges
  57. Misconceptions about the Christians included stories that they..
    Practiced Incest, Engaged in subversive activities, Were Cannibals
  58. The Severan emperors ruined the Roman silver coinage by..
    issuing so much good silver coinage that the value of the coins fell
  59. During the imperial crisis, who attacked the Roman Empire?
    New Persians, Goths, Franks, Alamanni
  60. Whom did the emperor Aurelian defeat before becoming, known as the "Restorer of the World"?
    Queen Zenobia, Carthaginians
  61. What measures did Diocletian use to reduce the chances of revolts?
    raising the statues of the emperor, removing power from the senate, dividing up sources of power
  62. The Tetrarchy was designed to..
    deal with an empire too large and complex to be ruled by a single emperor, deal with the problem of imperial succession
  63. Why did the Tetrarchy collapse?
    it failed to take into account the armys preference for emperors sons
  64. Constantine built on the reforms of Diocletian by..
    Creating a second capital of the empire in the east, putting the empire on the gold standard, replacing the Tetrarchy with a system of dynastic succession, using christianity in the service of the empire
  65. How did Constantine show his support for Christianity?
    Issued the Edict of Milan, Convened church counsils to settle christian disputes, Made sunday a day of rest
  66. Christians insulted non-christians by reffering to them as..
  67. Christians reffered to the time when the world wound end as the..
    apocalypse, last judgement, second coming of christ
  68. who was the female philosopher murdered by christian monks?
  69. One could become a senator by..
    Holding a high-ranking office, purchasing senatorial rank from the emperor, being the child of a senator
  70. Late Roman women could show their devotion to Christianity by...
    building churches, spending money on charitable works
  71. Christians helped to preserve the pagan literary culture of antiquity by..
    copying manuscripts, using greek and roman education in the service of the church
  72. What problems confronted the western empire in the reign of Valentinian I?
    A government preference for the eastern part of the empire, finding suitable recruits for the army, conflicts of interest between the eastern and western governments
  73. Which roman emperor was killed at the Battle of Adrianople in 378?
  74. Which barbarian peoples followed the Arian version of Christianity?
    Vandals, Burgundians, Visigoths
  75. What were Christians called who believed that Christ was just a man while he was on earth?
  76. What practices did barbarian kingdoms adopt from the Romans?
    Issuing laws, Administrative practices
  77. What was the dominant language in western Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire?
  78. Which barbarian people were least conciliatory toward the Roman population?
    Angles, Saxons, Vandals
  79. The emperor Theodosius II is known for..
    Issuing Law code
  80. Which kingdom did Justinian not attempt to bring back into the empire?
  81. The empress Theodora endeavored to protect the followers of which sect declared heretical by church councils?
  82. Which sources of law did Justinian's commission not include in the Body of Civil Law?
    Germanic customs
  83. What disaster reduced Constantinople's population by half in 542?
    An outbreak of bubonic plague
  84. Which emperor recovered much of the provinces in the east lost to the Persians?
  85. Which of the following descriptions best suit the people of the Arabian peninsula before Muhammads lifetime?
    Nomads who raised livestock
  86. Which of the following is not one of the Five Pillars of Islam?
  87. Which of statement about muslims, christians, and jew is most accurate..
    They all revere Abraham and the prophets of Christian and Hebrew bibles
  88. Muhammad assumed leadership in which town when he was compelled to leave Mecca?
  89. Muhammed the founder of Islam died in which year?
  90. Which of the following Muslim leaders became the first caliph after Muhammads death?
    Abu Bakr
  91. The Shi'ites supported which of the first four caliphs?
  92. The caliphs of the Umayya dynasty relocated the political capital of Islam to which city?
  93. Muslim armies entered Iberia in which year?
  94. The dynasty that replaced the Umayyad dynast was..
  95. Iconoclats are..
    a person who objects to the use of images in religious worship
  96. The empress Irene was notable for which of the following?
    all the above
  97. Which invaders settled, intermarried with locals, and gave rise to the Kievan Rus?
  98. The brothers Cyril and Metodius are credited with introducing what the the Kievan Rus?
    christianity and the greek alphabet
  99. The Byzantine Empire faced a new threat at the beginning of the ninth century. Who were they?
    Seljuk Turks
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