Directives 200 cont 1

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  1. 2 Forms used in during severe weather done every ___hrs
    • FEMA Daily Log
    • ICS 214
    •  12 hours
  2. All personnel will review sever weather directive and Alternate Communications pal during the month of___
  3. Cat 1 hurricane
    Cat 2
    Cat 3
    Cat 4
    Cat 5
    • 74-95 mph
    • 96-110
    • 111-130
    • 131-155
    • greater than 155
  4. ____are reports given to the IC to allow them to better understand the conditions of the
    incident in areas they are physically unable to see.
    Progress Reports
  5. ______ are reports given by the Incident Commander to the Dispatch Center. These reports
    provide information not only to the Dispatcher, but to the Staff Officers and others who may be
    standing by to report to an incident.
    Situation Reports
  6. C.A.B.S
    • C- Conditions
    • A- Actions Taken
    • B- Benchmarks completed
    • S- Status of operation
  7. _______: The initial report transmitted by the first arriving unit at a fire or
    Emergency. The preliminary report shall include a brief description of the situation and the identity of
    the units at work, status of the incident and the balance of the assignment.
    Preliminary Incident Size-up Report
  8. ______: The continuing history of the development, mitigation, control and extinguishment of
    a fire or emergency. The first situation report shall give a description of the fire building (construction),
    fire conditions present, exposures, and initial tactics. The situation report shall be transmitted every
    twenty minutes of the incident until an “Under control” is transmitted (This falls in line with the ten
    minute alerts from Dispatch, a situation report shall be made at the 10, 30, 50, 70 etc. minute
    notification and PAR will be checked at the 20, 40, 60 etc. minute alerts). After an “Under control” has
    been transmitted, the situation report shall be given every thirty minutes.
    Situation Report
  9. ____ discovery – This occurs when either law enforcement or fire department personnel
    discover a potential lab but without the knowledge of the operator.
  10. ___ discovery – Overt discoveries occur when either fire department or law enforcement
    discovers a lab during normal operations (e.g. during a rescue call or fire incident)
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