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  1. What are some predisposing risk factors
    • Tobacco smoking
    • alcohol
    • smokeless tobacco
    • gerd
    • hpv
  2. Symptoms of laryngeal cancer
    • Hoarseness > 3 weeks
    • lump in throat
    • throat clearing/coughing
    • sore throat
    • difficulty breathing
  3. What is TNM?
    • T- tumor size and extent
    • N- absence or presence/ extent of lymph node metastasis¬†
    • M- absence/presence of distant metastasis
  4. advantages to artificial larynges
    • Easy to learn
    • same intelligibility as esophageal speech
    • easier to discriminate in noise than ES
    • Can be adapted/changed to intramural device
  5. Disadvantages to artificial larynges
    • Robotic quality
    • Cost
    • Requires hand to use
    • Difficult to vary pitch and intensity
  6. Advantages to ES
    • No mechanical or prosthetic device used
    • both hands free while talking
    • more natural than electro larynxelectro larynx
  7. Disadvantages to ES
    • 4-6 months to learn
    • small success rate
    • phonation sustained for only 3-4seconds
    • low intensity and pitch
    • limited pitch and intensity modulation
  8. Advantages to voice prosthesis
    • Able to sustain phonation for long periods of time
    • more natural speech-breathing action
    • easy to acquire and learn
    • hands-free prosthesis available
  9. Disadvantages to voice prosthesis
    • Daily maintenance required
    • needs to be changed every 3 months
    • recurrent leakage requires replacement
    • cost

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Voice final
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Voice final
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